Tech recruitment competition?Be an undefeated competitor

I think we all have heard the about Hercules, right? He was undefeated in every war or competition. Yes, it’s true that he was the son of Zeus but he was half-human too. But, we are not demigods right. We are full humans and as a human, there is just two way to become undefeated. One, how good we are performing and two, how unique is your way when you perform. Now, how good you are performing that’s totally depending on how much time and effort you have given on practicing it. The important part is finding a unique way which has to be totally different from everyone and that will make you so perfect that nobody can beat you. The same thing happens when we try to recruit the best-talented tech guys. Every recruiter and HR manager is following the same traditional recruiting ways. So, if you want to beat them and hire special ones before them, then you have to think out of the box. 

What if anyone gives you the ways? Below, I have presented some unique ways to hire the best tech talents, which consist of 3 important steps.


Treat your candidates as a consumer

I’m elaborating on it in three parts so that it seems easy to you all:  

One, give some value to the time that they are spending with you. Whether you are screening someone over the phone or you are engaging in a face to face interview, you should be aware that the candidate is giving you his/her time. So you shouldn’t waste his/her time by asking irrelevant questions that are otherwise not related to the job role. You should be appropriate and on point. It’s like you’re showing a customer which he/she isn’t looking for, then why should they stay in your place? 

Two, provide perfect hospitality. Well, that is a very important thing and almost in every article I suggest that you guys give your candidates a comfort zone and I have elaborated on the importance of it in my article. You can show him the resting place or the canteen. That will make them comfortable and they will be eager to give their best. 

Three, as a point of contact for the organization, make yourself available. As a recruiter, this is a fact that you have the busiest schedule. So for you, everything is not possible. Most of the time it happens that may be a candidate has some questions or some queries regarding the job or the process but they cannot reach the recruiter and the candidate changes his/her mind. You can give your contact number to the candidate.


Grind up the Social Media:

Nowadays most recruiters and HR managers are doing social recruiting. But, I’m suggesting you all to grind up all the social media channels. There are several social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, and many more. The main issue is that mostly everyone uses one particular channel or two. No one knows that from where the best talent can come. That is why it is very important to focus and work on every channel. You cannot afford to leave behind any channel. A few days back I wrote an article where I discussed this matter a little more.


Assemble the supreme Job Description:

This the most important ingredient for cultivating tech talents. Follow these below mentioned 4 tips to boost your usual job description.

Title: How much accuracy and preciseness you can give to your job title, that will fix how many candidates you can attract. A precise and accurate job title will catch the eyes of candidates and the candidates will be eager to watch the description.    

Best summary: You can add a great overview of the job role and the company as well. So that they get excited about both of them.

Incorporate the Essentials: Incorporate center responsibilities, everyday exercises, and clarify how the position fits into the association.


Hopefully, this article will give you a new direction. If you are already doing all of them then probably you are in a very stable position in Tech Recruitment. Follow these to conquer your tech recruiting goal. Keep reading and share your comments.


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