5 Tips for Conducting a Successful Virtual Interview

COVID-19 pandemic has changed almost all the ways we operate businesses, including the recruitment process too. It has shifted all the in-person business related works to the virtual platform, where every work is being conducted via the internet and a digital medium. The use of the internet was in the recruitment from very first, starting from the job posting to job search everything has been conducted via the online platforms, there is no new in this. But apart from this, the preferred interview process is still the in-person process, as it helps the interviewer to recognize whether the candidate is well fit to their organizations and the job role or not directly, and simultaneously the candidates can visit the workplace where they will be working. But due to this pandemic lockdown, unnecessary meetings and social gatherings are restricted, which is changing the whole interview process.

Scheduling an interview is teamwork, where some person is assigned to create the questionnaire, some to organize the interview room, some persons are assigned to contact the candidates for the interview, and then comes to the interviewers who conduct the interview. All of these settings are changed due to the government declared rules and regulations, but we can’t let this pandemic stop us to do our works. Also, recruitment is an important part of the business worth looking at, and for running the process in this pandemic, it is necessary to fill all the important vacant job roles immediately. In this case, Virtual Interview is the only way to make a successful hire in this pandemic.

5 Tips for Conducting a Successful Virtual Interview

Just like almost every employee turned into remote workers and started working from their homes, the candidate interview work has also been changed from in-person to remote. Although the preparation process for an in-person interview and a virtual interview is the same, there are still some critical distinctions in the virtual one. And that is why it needs to understand what is mandatory to conduct a successful virtual interview. Following are some common tips that you should check before conducting a virtual interview for making a successful hire,

Make sure that you have a strong internet connection.

The most crucial and first foremost part before conducting a successful virtual interview is to make sure that you have a strong internet connection in your place. Conducting an interview virtually or you can say remotely, requires a strong visual and audible feed, because the whole hiring decisions will be based on this. So, you make sure that you are conducting the virtual interview from the most internet-friendly place of your home. If you have other persons present in your place, ask them not to stream any videos or games at that time, so that you can get a stronger internet connection in your system.

Check the Status of the Technologies that you will use.

There are lots of online video conference platforms available on the internet, that are being used for conducting virtual interviews. Either you use Zoom, Skype, or Facetime, Google Team, all you need to be sure that you have met all the requirements of the tools. Check your camera, audiovisual system, as well as the all-over functionality of your system and the tool before conducting the interview. Because you have to go for the same repetitive works if you find any of your setups are not running just before the interview schedule. Also, the candidates will think that the company is updated with new technologies, and it will upgrade the employer brand of your company.

Consider What is coming in your Background.

Whether you are in your room, or you are in your balcony, always consider what is coming in the frame from your background. Avoid anything distractive background, if you don’t have a good background then use an artificial background in that case, and avoid the things that don’t go with the professional tone. Because keep in mind, when you are interviewing a candidate, you are presenting your company in front of him/her. For the working moms, it happens conducting an interview is more difficult. It happens sometimes that the children appear on the screen and made a distraction in the professional talk. Well, you can’t scold them, but all you can do to tell someone to hold them for that time. In the end, your ultimate goal is to successfully conduct the interview, whether you hire the candidate or not, but try to provide a good candidate experience, because the employer brand reputation is involved in it.

Focus on the Candidate.

In an in-person interview, the interviewer can check on the candidates all the time, examine their body language, and study them well to find out whether they are a good fit for the company or not. At the same time, while testing their skills the interviewer generally looks at the way they solve the problems, which depicts the ability of the candidates to be well fit in the job role. But in the virtual interview, it is utterly impossible to have a closer look at the candidates, as they are on the opposite of the computer screen. In this case, all you need to be focused on the candidates, and have a close look at them. Try to maintain eye contact with them frequently, understand their body language, and make sure whether s/he is perfect for your desired vacant job role or not.

Maintain proper Body Language.

Body language is not something that we can only expect from the candidate in the interview, rather the interviewers should possess proper and right body language in front of the candidates throughout the whole interview process. Conducting the virtual interview doesn’t mean that you can be casual, you should get dressed formally like a professional person so that the candidate gets to know that they have applied in the right place. The interviewers’ body language generally leaves a visible impact on the candidate experience.

The above passages are showing you the tips that you should follow to avoid any difficulties during the virtual interview conduction. As both remote work and working from home is the same difficult, and both tend to be very challenging when it comes to recruitment. But we have to overcome this situation, by maintaining the proper rules. If a company can thrive in the post-pandemic era, then that company will be the most tech updated and most flexible one, with a stronger employer brand.

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