How To Network With Recruiters on LinkedIn

I am sure most of you here — if not all—  reading this article must have heard about LinkedIn — the largest and the most popular professional network. It acts as a bridge that connects the two worlds of recruiters and recruits. It helps one simplify their job hunting process and get noticed by the recruiters.

When actively searching for a job, LinkedIn also connects you directly with the recruiters, wherein you can directly communicate with them. This allows you to know about the job profile from the job posters themselves and you also get a clear idea about the requirements and expectations of the job.

Now comes the question of Why and How should you network with the recruiters. 


Networking with recruiters has a number of advantages. It allows you to stand out from your fellow competitors. Reaching out to them personally and being polite and professional while doing so, puts you on their good side and creates a good lasting impression. In case of a job opportunity, you’ll be at the top of their mind when looking for new recruits. It also helps you to gain more knowledge as you interact with more and more people.


It is tough to land the job you are really interested in. For that, it is really important to get yourself noticed by the recruiters. Although it might be a bit tough considering the superabundance of candidates that they already have, but it is not impossible. There are some simple steps you can follow to stand out from your fellow competitors and catch the eye of your targeted recruiter —

Create a Strong LinkedIn Profile

As I mentioned before, getting noticed by the hirer is the first important step of getting hired, and what gets you noticed is your profile. Here are some things you can start off with —

1. Keep your bio short but impactful. Summarise your experiences, achievements in a way that doesn’t seem clustered and the reader has a clear about you.

2. Keep it professional with no errors in grammar or spelling.

3. Share your skills, talents, and expertise. It doesn’t have to be just about the particular job role. You may have knowledge about different fields. Let them know that.

4. Keep your content rich with keywords that make you more noticeable and your profile can emerge at the top of their search results. 

Create Connections

So you have created a profile and even applied to your desired jobs.  Recruiters like it when the candidates themselves reach out, as this saves them extra time and they get to fill the vacant position sooner. Take the extra step and build connections. Here’s how —

1. Send connection requests. Before sending in a request to connect, you need to do good research about the company you are applying to. It helps you get a better idea about the needs of the company.

2. Send a personalized introductory message. Introduce yourself, share your experiences and let them know how they can benefit from hiring you. It shouldn’t be a copy-paste of your resume though.

3. Share your professional network with them. Although self-promotion is a good thing, it is also good if you let them know about your social connection with different people in the industry.

Maintain Connections

The idea here is not just to land a job but to build a relationship. Even if you don’t get a positive response, you should still stay connected with them —

1. Drop messages once every few weeks just to frequently remind them that you are still interested.

2. Refer or connect the recruiters with other candidates who might fit the job description that they are currently looking for. This keeps you on the recruiter’s radar and also creates goodwill for yourself.

3. Keep your profile updated and keep engaging with the community. Whether you get a new job or gain new talent or experiences, let the people know. This expands your scope of landing better job opportunities.

Bottom Line

Now that the competition for jobs is hitting an all-time high, your expectations might not be met.  The networking process does take time and you can’t get instant results. Don’t let that dishearten you though. 

Keep trying and keep building your network— that is the key. Your enthusiasm and dedication are sure to leave a mark. If such an opportunity ever arises, they might get back to you or refer you to someone.

Thank you for reading the article. I hope it was well informed. If you want any more information about job tools, feel free to contact us. Team SyaRose will be happy to help you and make your work easier. It will be our immense pleasure if you give your valuable feedback in the comment section. Please share this article with your loved ones and professional circle if you like it.

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