Retaining Millennial is Necessary for Your Company

Millennials are the future of tech companies. It is easy to find them everywhere. But can your company have enough capabilities to retain these tech talents for long?

Millennials are known as the people who born between 1980 to 1999. Most of the job seekers are from this generation throughout the world. They hold thinking and characteristics which differ vastly from the other generations. Research shows that by 2023, the millennials will hold 50% of the working population worldwide. As an employee, most of the tech recruiters prefer this millennial generation as they are easily available, fast learner, updated with the latest technologies, passionate hard workers, and open to developing new ideas. But retaining these millennial employees are getting tougher as they are prone to switch between their jobs in every 2-3 years for being addicted to new things.

Here are some guides through which the Tech companies can manage their millennial employees:


Providing new opportunities:

The millennial generation is the generation who wants to learn more and know more and experience more. They are fast learners with so much impatience, they always want to get the results instantly. To deal with this fact Tech executives should assign new tasks or different projects to them for shorter periods. Also, they can appoint millennials for different job positions within the same company. This will attract the millennial employees to stick with the same company for new experiences.


Implant more mobile technologies:

Mobile technologies nowadays have become a major part of every tech company. Millennials are always a step further than the other employees in mobile technologies, and hence to update the environment of the workplace. So the executives should implant more millennial-friendly mobile technologies like mobile-accessible sites and applications also with the increased use of mobile phones, laptops, wireless keyboards, tablets, etc. Those will let the millennials feel more friendly in the work environment.


Engage millennials for development purposes:

The HR executives should engage more millennials for developmental purposes, as they are more creative and updated with new technologies. They are so innovative and familiar with the outer world than the employees of older generations. Give credits to their innovative ideas. This will let them think more valuable in the company and millennials want this.

Start millennial shifts:

Millennial employees generally are flexible for doing work 24/7, they generally do not like that traditional 9 to 5 shifts. To retain more millennial employees the Tech companies should make their shifts more flexible. They also can provide some facilities for their employees like late-night cab facilities, food facilities, etc.


Assign more remote workers:

These millennial generations are fond of traveling and working remotely. If the company executives assign these millennials as remote workers they will hold on to the company. They will enjoy their life with more fun along with the work-life balance.


Mentor-ship over boss:

Millennials are more comfortable with an approachable, friendly supervisor to guide them rather than the traditional, powerful boss. As for their modern upbringing process, they may not possess so responsive behavior to these traditional, rigid powers. They prefer mentors more than an angry boss.


Do not say “No” to Digital Connection:

Millennials are the generations who are closest to the digital connection. Every millennial requirements is to live in a fully digital world. They are more familiar with every social media. So a job without digital accessibility will be a big no to the millennial employees. Also the executive can use the social media advantage over the millennials, as they are always active in social media. They will always be updated with new technological information. Even with the help of these millennials employees the company can be socially active in the digital media as well.


Recruit more millennials:

Millennials are comfortable with their same genre, which means millennials. They will not be so much comfortable with the employees of older generations as they hold different thinking and knowledge. The older generations employees also do not like these new generations even the millennials are infamous to them as lazy and self-centered. So for retaining the millennial employees in the company, the tech managers should recruit more millennials.


Build a team for every work:

Millennials have always wanted to work in teams, working in a team lets them think differently, wisely and collectively. So make a team for a new project, assigning different works to different persons of that team. That will tend the Millenials to stick with the company.


Make a favorable office environment:

Millennials generally look for modern workplaces and are always open to collaboration. Simultaneously they want little more privacy at their workplace. They want both of these to be present in their workplaces so that they will balance their personal and official spaces at the same time. So the executives should maintain both the environments in the office to retain these tech talents more. 


Make employment flexible:

Millennials do not go for the money, they go for the experiences though the salary is the main purpose for every job. Make flexible shifting for the millennials, appoint them for different kinds of works, let them use their mobile technologies. In the end, they will think about how much flexibility they had gone through instead of the salary.


Build the millennial’s brand:

Invest more for the millennials, engage them more in the developing works. These will help them to make their brand, and that will also increase the brand value of the recruiting companies. Also, the millennial employees will feel so much credited and valued in the company, which will make them stick to this workplace.


The tech companies must recruit the millennial generation, as they are updated with new technologies. But also to retain them for a longer time in their companies the executives should maintain some ways for them. The above points will help the executives to maintain themselves with the new millennial employees. 


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