3 Best Communication Tools for your Team

How do you communicate with your team on a daily basis? Is it still through emails and phone calls?

For teams that rely on a virtual workforce, using communication tools is not new. Communication tools saw heightened usage during the COVID pandemic, and ever since, their demand has been on the rise.

We bring to you 3 of the best communication tools for your team. These tools have a free and a paid version, so you can take a trial and then go for the paid version with additional features.


One of the most widely used, Slack is an intuitive and easy to use software. Slack supports communication through video and also allows voice notes.  Apart from 1-on-1 communication, you can use it for: 

Creating group chats : Create your HR group, core team, and other team groups as needed. 

Slack allows teams to communicate in group channels or privately through direct messages.

Sharing files: Share files in real-time using Slack. All major file types are supported.

3rd party Integrations: Connect your other work tools, like Google Drive and Trello, and keep everything organized in one place for a distraction-free work routine. 

On the go: With Slack’s mobile app, use it on the go and never miss an important update. 

Google Chat

An underplayer, Google Chat is a potent tool and one that comes completely free with Gmail. If your team extensively uses Gmail, this tool is for you.

Like it is with Slack, with Google Chats you can :

Create groups and spaces : Create separate groups for teams, called “spaces,” or start a group chat in your main chat box – Google Chat makes it easy to communicate.

3rd party integrations : Trello, Asana, Salesforce, and a host of other 3rd party apps can be integrated with Google chats. 

Mobile app: Google apps are intuitive and easy to use. Even beginners can use it with ease. 

Google Chat is a completely free tool, and all features come free with your free Gmail account. 


While most people know Zoom as only a video conferencing tool, it also has a messaging feature and is a great way to organize meetings for teams of up to 50 members. You can record your meetings on your computer, and send it to team members who could not join. 

The messaging feature of Zoom allows chat communication during meetings.

Zoom is also excellent for recording classes and tutorials. 

Zoom has a free version that allows up to 40 minutes of free video conferencing. The video quality is great. You can use backgrounds, and it also has an easy-to-use mobile app. 

Have you used all 3 of these tools? Which one is the most preferred? Let us know. 



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