What Is Magento?

With an aim to provide a new outlook to ecommerce web development, the eBay owned open source platform – Magento – written in PHP is empowering the retail sector and taking digital business to new heights. More than 200,000 brands like Samsung, Lenovo, Nike and others already rely on it being their ecommerce CMS partner.

Why Select Magento as your Ecommerce CMS Platform?


No doubt why it is every store’s favorite. It has a share of 10.1% in the market with more and more businesses opting for it.


What you see is what you get. Certainly, this powerful WYSIWYG support helps users to edit web pages and allow unique content arrangements without having to dig into the code.


Magento support for a wide range of extensions and apps to give a whole new dimension of features and functionalities.


Magento is PA-DSS compliant. It meets all the global standards for payment security and satisfies the 14 key protection criteria making it the most trusted and secure platform for large reputed stores.

Our Magento Development Services include

  • Magento B2B Multi Stores Design and Development
  • Magento B2C Multi Stores Design and Development
  • Magento C2C Multi Stores Design and Development
  • Magento Custom Ecommerce Development
  • Magento Theme & Plugin Development
  • Magento Support & Maintenance