Offshore Staffing

Offshore we focus on finding the simplest and most efficient ways to solve your staffing challenges. Our system makes it easy for companies that partner with Offshore. We refining our procedures to ensure that clients receive the highest quality and satisfaction from our services and we continually look for ways to improve our models.

An Offshore Development Center (ODC) is generally engaged for developing, testing, and deploying software solutions and applications offshore. This is your dedicated team sitting at an offshore facility. The ODC mode is appropriate with mundane tasks or for tasks that are very well defined and you are unable to locate appropriate talent locally – on a budget.


Key to success in any outsourcing, more so with ODC is that you make a conscientious effort to establish an adequate level of rapport with your ODC team, give them clear instructions of the tasks and be diligent in reviewing the tasks performed. By paying a consolidated monthly fee, with short term contracts, you are better able to control your costs and rationalize scaling up or down of your ODC presence. In effect, the team is entire team is akin to being your team that is housed at a managed facility in a different country, working by your guidelines at your instructions.

A dedicated offshore software development team is the best approach for clients that have projects that are critical in time, scope, technical or intellectual property considerations. SyaRose Technology Services, Inc. serves you with the ability to have quality IT resources offshore working for your organization like an extension of your in-house teams.