Testing & QA Services

Organisations of today are seen to move towards a highly complex application landscape since this ensures that their end users are making best use of technologies that need to seamlessly run on a variety of platforms like cloud, mobile or even analytics. In fact there is a need to put in place a combination of enterprise applications and in-house software on a dedicated infrastructure which would ensure timely deployment of quality applications. With the emergence of a variety of technologies, evolution of distributed applications and increased focus on digitalization of products along with services, quality parameters have undergone a significant


QA Solution provides software testing and automation services that will help you achieve your quality goals. We unite effective strategies, tactics, and methodologies with the latest technology and well-trained staff. Quality Assurance is the most important aspect for any product and it is absolutely essential that you make sure that your IT initiatives are thoroughly tried and tested. We can do many things for all of your QA needs. We strive to create the best experiences possible, starting with the interaction between our client and QA Solution, all the way to the release of your product.

Testing and QA Service offerings include

  • Testing Strategy and Assessment
  • Test Automation
  • Performance Testing
  • Testing Center-of- Excellence

We implement specialized tools and develop scripts for stress tests, negative testing and load testing to ensure that large complex projects do not fail bearing their scalability and large data handling in mind. UAT phase is one of the most important phases of any software development.