Benefits of Gamification in Recruitment

“Gamification” – this term is nothing new. It means to include game theory, mechanism, and a gaming background in the business process, which helps to engage more people digitally. Many companies have utilized these features previously to get familiar with the customer’s interests and improve their interaction with the brand. If you look back, you may find out the popular gamified campaign organized by the famous pizza brand Dominos, named “Create and Name Your Pizza” where people were invited to create their pizza and get rewarded after ordering it from the store. That was an example of gamification in the business process where the main interest was to engage more people with the brand and the product along with getting to know about their interest. In today’s fierce market competition, gamification is a good marketing trend for businesses. Simultaneously, gamification is becoming a popular trend in the recruitment process too. But, do you know why it is becoming so popular? Let’s find out in this article.

Gamification in Recruitment


Recruitment is a tough job, and in this pandemic, it has become more difficult. Everything became virtual and remote, and we all know that remote working is more challenging rather than working in the office. And while it comes to the recruitment, remote hiring and virtual staffing all are way difficult and time-consuming. Issues like the network are always there which led to disconnection at the most vital moment, and besides this, there are other issues too. Also, in virtual resume shortlisting, it is not always possible to find out the best fit candidate for the desired job role. And following up on the candidates in an online assessment and checking their answers for scheduling virtual interviews consumes a good amount of time and resources. Using gaming theory and mechanisms in the recruitment process to find out the perfect candidate is the gamification in recruitment, and it is nowadays a popular trend. It not only helps the recruiters to get the best-fit candidates but also improves the talent engagement with the companies.

Benefits of Gamification in Recruitment


As previously said gamification in the recruitment process is trendy, and it helps both the candidates and the recruiters in their way. I am hereby depicting some of the common benefits for the recruiting companies by using gamification in their recruitment process in the following paragraphs,

Helps to know the Candidates’ Skill Performance:

If you are looking to test the skillsets of your candidate only through some tricky questions and some online question-answer skill assessment, then maybe you are on the wrong foot. Because, it will only provide some hints about your candidate’s skills but you still will be unaware of the skill performance. But using a game you can get to know everything that you want from your candidate regarding the skill sets. All you need to set up a game with the proper set of mechanisms and gaming theory based on your desired skill set and include it in your recruitment process to find out how your candidate performs on it. If it is about problem-solving and time management, set up a game that provides tasks to the candidate while some features will distract them and watch how they perform the tasks by avoiding those distractions. Simultaneously if it’s about technical skills, then set up a puzzle that can be solved only with some particular code or functions and watch how fast they do it. These games will find out if the candidate is worth taking over the job role or not.

Saves both Time and Resources of the Recruiters:

Interviewing all the shortlisted candidates for a day and again investing time to find out the best-fit one from them consumes pretty much time and resources. And investing that much time and resources while the recruiters are working remotely is much more challenging. The gamification feature will find out the best-fit candidates and help the recruiters further to shortlist the best candidates ever. Now you can schedule the interview only with the best-fit candidates for both your company and desired job roles.

Helps to make Stress-Free Hiring Decisions:

It is often stressful while making decisions on which candidates will fill your desired job vacancies. It is hard to decide the final one only based on question-answer assessments and the virtual interviews that you have taken. But using gamification can make the hiring decision process less stressful and easier. You will find out the perfect one for your job roles based on the final result of the game that you included in the recruitment process. As only the next ones will be able to finish the game and reach the final line.

Removes Bias from the whole process:

Though we talk about bias-free hiring, there are still factors that make us biased. Often the first impression works like this. If we don’t like anyone from the very first, there are possibilities to oversee their answers and rethink them. But, using gamification removes all the biases from the whole process and helps the recruiters to make a good hire.

Provides Competitive advantage to the Recruiting Company:

Using gamification in recruitment not only provides you the best-fit perfect candidate for your desired job roles but also improves the candidate experience. The candidates will think that your company is up to date with the latest technologies, and it eventually improves your employer brand and provides you a competitive advantage in this recruitment market. In this way, you will never feel the shortage of talents at any time.

The above-written passages show you the way gamification in recruitment is beneficial and why it is an important trend for today’s recruitment. Recruitment relies on two main objectives, i.e., recruiters should impress the candidates with their features and the whole process and the candidates will choose the recruiting company back. If both of them have positive answers then the hiring becomes successful. Gamification helps both the recruiters and the candidates to choose one another and improves the candidate engagement to the company along with a competitive advantage.

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