Chatbots are Transforming the Recruitment Processes

Besides candidate sourcing, candidate screening has become a lengthy and time-consuming job for each recruiter and HR team nowadays. Also, for the increasing numbers of the job seekers and the high demand for the potential candidates for the desired job role, the traditional hiring processes became outdated, and hence all time the recruiters need to process new strategies for the recruitment based on the job role, market competition and their employer brand, which increase the workload on the recruiters.  Also, the modern-day recruiters have it far from easy, they are not only being engaged with the recruitment strategies but also they juggle with multiple tasks. Before making a decision regarding the hiring process they need to go through thousands of resumes for the best talents for both the job role and their organization by coping up with the complexities during the market competition.

Also, to stay updated with each and every candidate throughout the time, makes a laborious task for the recruiters, whereas according to research almost 70% of candidates like it when they stay engaged with the organization they have applied for a job role. In this case, the candidate experience got poor, which leads to a bad impact on the organization brand. And in this scenario, we should leverage the technology to change the game. A chatbot can be the magic stick to change the scenario and take this to the next level by transforming the candidate experience. 

So what is a chatbot?


A chatbot is a tool or software used by a maximum of the organizations, to automate the recruitment process and increase productivity. It is a conversational AI application, and research shows that in the next 5 years, AI can have an impact on workplaces throughout the world. Chatbots are there in our world for a while, and in the present digital age, it has a vital role to play in the businesses throughout the World. Many businesses are leveraging this technology to automate certain parts of the workplace, for example, you can take consideration of the recruitment process.

How does the Chatbot Transform the Recruitment Process?


As the number of job seekers and the demand for the potential and right fit candidates are increasing, the workload on the recruiter’s head is also increasing. Like they now need to build a strategy with which they can get a huge talent pool with the potentialities for their job openings based on the present market condition, and also to get a competitive advantage and higher employee satisfaction rate. Despite these, they also do not get enough time to stay connected with every candidate, even if someone got rejected from the shortlisting process, they remain unheard from the recruiters. Chatbots make these repetitive administrative tasks for recruitment easier by following ways,

Answering to the Candidate’s Questions:

Every candidate generally likes to stay connected with the company they have applied for. And, answering any FAQs of the candidates and any other queries is one of the regular tasks of the HR teams, which need high attention and it is a time-consuming task. Since the recruiting becomes so competition centric and time-consuming, it won’t let the recruiter get the opportunities to stay connected with each candidate. In that case, chatbots can be a hugely beneficial tool. They are able to communicate with an unlimited number of applicants in real-time on the various messaging platforms, even in social media too. They answer the candidate’s question based on the data and information they have got from the company by combining it with the complex algorithms. Thus by answering the queries of the candidates they can also schedule an interview with the recruiter on a given date and time and speed up the whole hiring process.

Increase the Candidate Experience:

In today’s market candidate experience plays a significant role in the branding of an organization. But the recruiters usually do not get enough time and opportunity to get back to candidates. Chatbots eliminate this time gap between the candidate’s resume submission and the recruiter’s response. After the shortlisting period, chatbots push the shortlisted candidates faster to provide them a finer experience throughout the hiring process. A candidate’s feedback on the screening process or the work culture can improve the workplace and provide it a competitive advantage. Chatbots accelerate this matter by collecting feedback from the candidates by asking them simple questions, also they ask to give suggestions form them, like, what makes the company better.

Language is no more a Barrier:

Using chatbot in the hiring process means language will no more be a barrier to communication. Using the natural language processing technology, the chatbots are able to provide a user a human-like natural conversation, so that the user will not understand whether s/he is talking to a bot or to a human assistant. Also, if there is any regional barrier for the language, the chatbot can easily solve that by translating the language in real-time and understanding it. Also, chatbots can process a variety of communication styles, like any slang, or misguided words they instantly can catch with the tone and show emotions like a normal human assistant (e.g., anger, sadness, happiness, etc).

Hiring Process becomes faster:

Using chatbots to screen the resumes, and schedule interviews make the whole hiring process much faster. Normally, a recruiter takes almost 42 days to successfully hire a right fit candidate for the desired job opening and company culture, and also it costs approximately $4000 per hire. But using chatbots, you can save both the time and cost of your hiring. Chatbots are able to automate the large parts of the qualifying and scheduling interviews while simultaneously handing the FAQs of the candidates and staying connected with them. Also, making the hiring process faster, the chatbots save time for the recruiters and let them focus on some other important tasks for the recruitment and build a strategy to make stronger relationships with the talents.

Eliminates Bias from the Hiring:

Recruiting through a human recruiter consists of several biases, like age, sex, race, and ethnicity are the commonest. Using a chatbot for screening purposes and shortlisting purposes can kill these biases from the whole recruitment process. Chatbots can only screen the candidates and make decisions about them based on a large amount of data and skills. It generally combines to use data and skills with the complex algorithms to choose the potential candidates, without any biases.

Makes the workplace more Productive:

Out of 100, almost 65 resumes are not touched due to the lack of manpower. And the recruiters will not get enough time to interact with each of the candidates. So, they normally search for the candidates within the rest of the 35 and without leaving any option, they reject the 65 unopened resumes. Chatbots can easily go through multiple resumes at the time and interact with them instantly. Hence, it will save time for the recruiters to get through the resumes and shortlist the candidates and make them available for doing some important productive works which make the workforce to achieve the goal faster. As a benefit, the chatbots are also available 24/7 in the workplace which also cut the longer work hours for the recruiters to save their time for some productive tasks.

Build the Employer Branding much Stronger:

According to research, almost 80% of job seekers apply to a job opening before going through the company’s employer brand. Using chatbots for recruitment makes the company always available to communicate and engage with the candidates, which enables the company to hold an image for being more responsive and innovative, compared to the other companies. That will enhance the candidate experience similarly, and provide the company with a competitive advantage. It will also increase the employee retention rate and make the employer brand stronger. 

The above passages show you the usefulness of chatbots in recruitment, and how this can transform the whole recruitment process. These chatbots are designed to reduce the workloads of recruiters for repetitive tasks and free up times for them by automating certain parts of the recruitment process. This conversational AI application is an exciting tool that uses machine learning and natural language processing technologies to take the recruitment process to a whole new level. You may think that it can replace the human HRs, but the answer is “NO”, as some candidates still look for real human instructions during the whole process. It is just a tool that greatly helps the recruiters. Though there are some disadvantages to breach of personal data, it can be a great tool for recruitment if used correctly.

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