Apodictic Gains of Maintaining a Talent Pool

Apodictic Gains of Maintaining a Talent Pool


Talent hiring is a strategic and challenging search task for the Human Resource department. Finding the right talent in a limited period of time is projected to be very exigent and taxing work. Moreover, the hired candidate must fit into the needed system and have skills matching the organization’s requirements. But in such short notices, many times mistakes creep in without our consciousness and the right candidate is not hired. This in turn affects the company’s output as the new hire’s skillsets fail to deliver the desired work.

This is where a talent pool comes in handy. Talent pools are sets of databases maintained by HRs and managers. These are updated from time to time when new leads or information are received. Instead of looking for candidates when new vacancies come up, the search should be a constant process. Immediate availability of top talents is a boon for the hiring team and the talent pool offers this very opportunity. They provide an instant list of candidates suitable for the vacancies so that they can be hired at a fast pace.

Advantages of talent pools


The talent pools serve a number of real-life purposes that not only benefit the hiring companies but also the candidates. Some of its advantages are listed below –

  1. Time saver

Yeah, it’s true. The talent pools are an instant source of information for the hiring team. They save a lot of time in researching and analyzing candidate profiles and are mostly ready to use them. All the team needs to do is run an interview with the listed candidates and in no time a new hire is gained.


  1. Quality candidates at a blink

At the nook of time, the demands for fresh hires suddenly becomes very high. These are the times the hiring team is pressured the most as they need to find the right candidates in limited time. Talent pools are very effective during such times. They harbor quality talents that can be accessed at any time.


  1. Costs to hire decreases

When the requirements for fresh hires increase most hiring teams start searching for candidates and spend time as well as resources. Talent pools can save this cost to the company and thus help in long term cost-cutting. This in turn helps the company to involve its hiring team in more important tasks simultaneously increasing the revenue output.


  1. Can reach a greater mass

Talent pools are places where a person’s information is saved and when the time comes they can be used to hire them. So it is clear that the hiring team will not miss any potential talent. At any point of time, the candidate’s information can be accessed for a vacancy and he or she can be called for an interview. No talent is left unexplored. So it benefits both the candidates as well as the company.


How is a talent pool built?


Talent pools are generally made with two salient strategies namely inbound or outbound recruiting strategies.

Outbound ways of structuring the talent pools are quite handy and common in practice. They generally use specific keywords to search for candidates over the web. They focus and rely more on what the web has to offer. Therefore a large number of candidates are traced in a very short time. The most common outbound strategy is sourcing tools and referrals. The main disadvantage of this strategy is that the sources are not always true as most of the information comes from unverified sources.

Inbound methods of building talent pools are the common recruitment methods used such as great marketing and employer branding. These strategies are used to attract the attention of the best talents. You provide them with culture, great workplace ambiance and other on work benefits which bring them to join your company. That’s what phenomenal marketing is about.

Leads are important aspects of creating a talent pool. There are many ways to create or seek leads. The company website is a marvelous platform to acquire talents. Even if there are no vacancies you can still ask potential candidates to join your talent pool. Making social media campaigns about the brand of the organization is another way to attract the mass. There should be clear contact information of the organization to receive new resumes. All of this will not only give a huge pool of talent handy but also build a more genuine image of the company which will assist the business to grow.

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