5 Recruitment Trends in 2021

We are about to land in the year 2022 in 4 months. This new decade has started by forcing us to change how the world is operating. I can safely say that this decade is all about changes. 

Traditional ways of doing things are respected, but we also cannot deny that they are outdated too. This decade of changes requires us to change the outdated version of how we operate and welcome and adopt the new changes wherever required.

And recruitment is no exception here. Recruiters will also have to make the necessary changes and adapt to new ways of hiring. 

In this article, we are going to list the 5 recruitment trends that hiring personnel should know and figure out how they can implement these into their recruitment activities for their respected organization.

Let us get into business without further delay.

Hiring through reference helps. Having a referral program in an organization for existing employees to refer someone they know who could be a perfect fit for the given job role is something many organizations are already doing and getting benefits from. 

The reason it helps is who can understand your work better than the existing employees who get things done on a daily basis?

So they are already aware of the job description and skills and knowledge your job position will require. And if they refer someone, it means they know that the referred person can fulfil the requirement.

Hiring through referrals saves a good amount of time. But why should your existing employee do your recruiter’s main job, which is candidate hunting without getting anything in return? 

Here come the referral programs. Sit and plan out a referral program for your organization. Decide what you can give in return for the referrals and set the clauses like the referred candidate must serve a 6 month or a year period, then the referrer will be rewarded for their referrals, etc. 

Before you choose a candidate, your candidate chooses you and then they wish to apply. Recruitment marketing is the initial stage in talent acquisition. When hiring talent, you must showcase your brand’s value to the talent. 

There are many recruitment marketing software available in the market which you can use to do the marketing appropriately. I will cover more about recruitment marketing features and the providers in coming articles.

Always remember that the best minds or the people who are running businesses started as freshers or without prior experience, so let us stop weighing freshers down. They are the next industry leaders. So make sure when you design your recruitment roadmap. Include them in.

Also, remember that young freshers’ minds are smart in today’s time. They already know about most things, if not all. Create a good strategy for onboarding smart minds and give them a great start to their career. They will bring outstanding results to your organization.

What is more important, who does the work versus whether the work gets done without hassle?

You guessed it right. I am talking about outsourcing here. There are many skilled people sitting across the world. You do not necessarily need a full-time employee to do your work. Include contract-based, freelancing recruitment in your hiring strategy too.

This involves a lot more work than a full-time candidate hires, and it’s a risky and bold move too. But as a recruiter, you should come forward with a detailed outsourcing strategy and present it to the concerned person. If you can make outsourcing hiring success, you will benefit the organization by saving a significant amount of money.

In the above point, you have saved money, and with artificial intelligence, you can save a lot of time. The application of artificial intelligence helps automate workflow and automation saves a lot of time.

You can automate repetitive tasks like resume screening and shortlisting the best-matched resumes unbiasedly. 

Let AI help you save time by doing the monotonous work, and you intervene only when human intelligence is required. In the meantime, focus on curating the recruitment strategies that will help your organisation for a long time.

In the coming articles, you may expect a detailed article on AI in recruitment. So stay tuned.


With this, I would now conclude this article by stating something we already know that change is the only constant

Having said that, this requires us to be aware of the new trends that are happening around us, not only for recruitment. It is important to be up to date so that we can adapt the best available options for us.


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