Top 5 Interview Questions to assess the perfect Candidate for your organization

Interviewing is an art, and a difficult one. You have pressure to select the right candidate, usually within a certain time-frame. You have negotiations, analyzing the skill part, and making sure that the person is amiable enough to be part of a team. There’s a lot of judgement,  observation, and decision-making involved. And “Questioning” is the primary way of arriving at the right decision of whether to hire a specific candidate or not. 

Knowing how the right questions can help hire the right candidate, we have compiled the top 5 interview questions that you can include in your questionnaire. These will help you assess your interviewee correctly. 

          1. Why did you choose this specific skill as a career?

Check if the candidate is here because it is their passion, or a parent/sibling suggested or if it’s the career they think would fetch them the most money. If the career is a passion, usually the learning is more. If they are for the money, it is also a good motivation. Pursuing a certain career on a suggestion is good only when they have done solid research themselves on the prospect of such a career, and are confident they can do well in it.

        2. What made you apply to this company?

This question will help you observe the following : 

i) Whether the candidate has researched the company before applying.

ii) Their reasons for joining. The reasons can indicate whether they would be with the association for the long term or if it is a stop-gap destination for them.

       3. How do you like to be managed? Do you mind being micro-managed?

Asking this question will have 2 benefits – first, you will get to sense if the person is willing to learn. A person willing to be managed without any preferences is a good learner. Second, a person abhorring micro-management might not be a team player, and comparatively difficult to deal with. We all know micro-management might be needed during the training period, and later on as well on an SOS basis.

     4. How do you deal with pressure and stress? 

Do they feel the need to take a vacation every 2 work weeks? Do they indulge in addictive substances? Do they break into a sweat and feel like quitting? This question would help you to know a lot about the person they are.

    5. What other companies are you interviewing with? 

This is an important question – this would let you know what companies you are competing with for hiring this candidate, and what order of importance your organization has for them. 

All said and done, hiring is still very much a may-be or may-not-be suitable situation. No amount of questioning has ever guaranteed the suitability of a candidate for a job role. Yet, questioning is still the best mode of analyzing a candidate for their suitability for the role.

What are some questions that have helped you, as a recruiter, to analyze the correct candidate? Let us know. 

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