How can College Campusing be beneficial for the IT recruitment?

Every IT recruiters want some fresh, talented, passionate and skilled candidates for their companies, but making it happen is a challenge. If tech recruiters opt for on-campus recruitment yearly by setting the career fair at the college campus then it can be more beneficial for the recruiters, as they will get adequate numbers of desired candidates at a time for their vacant job profiles.

The benefits of On-Campus Recruitment for the IT recruiters


– By setting on-campus recruitment, the IT recruiter can get the massive talent pool of the candidates.

– It saves that extra time which the recruiters use to place the off-campus interview comprising a face to face interview, skill testing, knowledge testing, etc., and also the cost for placing these events individually.

– The hiring process is always hustling free, as the college will be reported for any kind of problem regarding the candidates.

– The candidates who get hired will be loyal to the company as it will be their first placement.

– The recruiters can get fresher candidates who are updated with the latest technologies.

– On-campus recruiting will promote the recruiting IT company’s brand also.

– The on-campus recruitment will make a good rapport between the college or institute and the tech recruiter companies. As a result, the selection ratio of recruitment will be higher than that of other recruitment.

– By placing the on-campus recruitment, the company usually invests thousands of dollars, which may be saved if they limit their yearly on-campus recruitment. But if they maintain the process, then they will surely get a positive return on their investment which will be more beneficial for them.

Ways to get the best IT candidates from the On-Campus recruitment


Hiring an unfit candidate for tech recruitment could make a loss of wealth for that company. So here are some tips below about how to get the best fit passionate candidate for your desired job vacancy from the on-campus recruitment:

Search for the Good Campus: First research about the institute for placing the on-campus recruitment. It plays a great role in every IT recruiter company.

Check the Interest of the Candidate: At first in the “campus interview” round ask about the recruiting company, check the candidate’s interest in the company and the particular job role. It will help recruiters to get truly interested and passionate candidates for their desired job profile.

Job Description: The candidate should know the key responsibilities of his/her job profile. Some candidates apply to the job only basis of the company’s popularity, without checking the proper job description. Do not go for a candidate who is unaware of the job role.

Career choice: Ask about the candidate’s career choice, and also how serious he/she is in the IT career. Lack of seriousness of the candidate can be fatal for the tech recruitment.

Resume reality check: Look deeply at the candidate’s resume. Ask about the application of the project written in the resume or ask to give a real-life example using the project. Ask about the technologies or methods behind the project to find originality. It will show how much research has been done by the candidate for the project.

Aptitude Task: Ask simple aptitude questions to the candidate with basic mathematics. Give tasks of algorithms using basic logical thinking, like a summation of two large numbers with a simple logical method in a second.

More Group Discussions: Go for some group discussions about the technologies with all the desired candidates, ask all of them the same questions to get better results for better candidates.

Avoid Salary Discussion: Go for some outside of the box topics like what services are generally doing in the company instead of discussing the pay scales.

Institution Report is Necessary: Check the educational background of the candidate from the teachers of the institute to know about his/her practical knowledge and performance throughout the session.

Technological Round: After the basic interview round, select some better candidates and go for a “technological interview round” with them. Ask questions about some of the latest technologies, some updated versions, etc. It will help the recruiter to get the candidates who are updated with the latest technologies, as IT is evolving time by time.

Skill Testing: Ask about some programming knowledge. Like in which programming the candidate is strong with or comfortable with. Ask him/her to solve simple tasks using some common programming languages like Java, C++, etc. After this round, select some better-scored candidates for the “face to face office interview”.

Personality Matters: In the face to face interview make some personal connections with the candidates by tying in professional skills. By this recruiter gets to know how outgoing, communicative and engaging the candidate is, and also about the background of the candidate before giving the job offers or internships to the candidate.

Internships are better than the job offer: Offer the candidates the internships, not the direct job. By offering internships for a few weeks or months the recruiter will get to know about the working skills and performances of the candidates before hiring them for full time in the company.

The above passages show how IT recruiting companies could be more beneficial using their investment for on-campus recruitment than that of a off-campus recruitment. As an example, at the same time place on-campus recruitment and off-campus recruitment, you will find more talented candidates in lesser time at the on-campus which will take longer times for off-campus.

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