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In most of the cases, a recruiter calls a candidate for a face-to-face interview on the basis of the candidate’s resume. But, this is not enough.  This is no strange that on the internet there are so many online tools available to create an amazing resume with ease. Those resumes are so attractive and impressive that they can easily grab the attention of the recruiters. In the field of IT, the resumes look even better because there are a lot of chances to include interesting things like the previous project experience, knowledge of tools, problem-solving skills, etc. Based on your experience was it really worth the time doing a face-to-face interview just by scanning their resume? Invest time with the candidate’s resume by taking a few steps to analyze the resume and then do telephone and email round, and once sure, then call the candidate for a face-to-face interview.

So, let’s discuss some procedures to verify the authenticity of a candidate’s resume.


1. Project Experience/ Previous Experience

A Candidate often includes in their resume that he/she has lots of project experience to gain the attention of the recruiters. But, you should get in touch with the candidates’ previous company’s HR or Project Manager to understand the role and involvement in the projects mentioned in the candidate’s resume. Best way to do this via emailing the HR.

2. Knowledge of Specific software

For a technical position, the knowledge of tools plays a major role. Suppose one candidate mentioned in the resume that he/she has great knowledge in Blockchain. Ask him to explain Blockchain a simple way so that any non-technical person can understand it. If you are satisfied with the understanding, then you know the candidate knows Blockchain technology well.

3. Flexibility

Flexibility is another very important thing to check. In resumes, most of the candidates add that they are flexible. But, is it so?

For verifying, the recruiter can assign a task to the candidate which is quite difficult to solve. Is the candidate willing to accept the challenge?  If yes, then the recruiter can take the decision that this candidate is flexible to work in every situation and also he/she has the ability to accept the challenge which is so important in the IT field.

4. Hard-working

In resumes, most of the candidates mention “Hard working” as their strength but to check the authenticity, the recruiter can analyze how hard they are working with you to get the job. This should be the candidate’s first hard-working with the company.

5. Problem Solving

To check the capability of problem-solving the recruiter can throw a problem to the candidate from any on-going project and check how efficiently he/she is trying to solve it?

6. Patience

“Patience” is also a skill that candidates often mention in the resume as their strength. But how can a recruiter believe this only by viewing the resume? To make sure of this, the recruiter can ask the candidate multiple numbers of diplomatic questions consecutively such as:

Why did you leave your previous job? 

If I am your candidate and you are my interviewer should you hire me, if yes/no then why?

Google recently launched the updated version of Google duplex. Did you hear about it? Although you know, it is not true but still, you just cross-check him/her and see that is he/she really aware of current technology and observe how patiently and wisely the candidate is handling the situation?

In the above scenario, see how patiently the candidate is answering the questions.

The above points are enough to analyze a candidate’s resume. If really worth this round, then you may call the candidate for the face-to-face interview.

Please share your comments and let me know if you have anything to add to this article from your experience.

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