Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Tech Recruitment Part 2

As we have discussed the AI or Artificial Intelligence in part one, now it’s time for part two. In part one we have discussed what Artificial Intelligence is? And what does Artificial Intelligence do for tech recruitment? Now in this part, we are going to discuss in which process, or in which way the tech companies use Artificial Intelligence. 

How does the tech company use Artificial Intelligence for recruitment?


Artificial Intelligence is an intelligence that mainly conducted by machines, but with a human brain like natural intelligence. The tech companies usually hire this artificial intelligence for company recruitment purposes. The main types of artificial intelligence using are as follows:

Improve the Online Application:

Tech recruiters usually hire this artificial intelligence to improve the online applications of the applicants. Using artificial intelligence they can track the applicants from the recruiter’s data and tends some keywords, word flows, and data points for better screening. Also, this intelligence can be used to prioritize thousands of candidates. The recruiters can go for digital recruitment also by using this Artificial Intelligence technology.

Search for the Best Fit Candidates:

The recruiters use this artificial intelligence to search for the best-fit candidates for their desired job vacancies. Even some recruiters choose the option to preselect some best candidates for shortlisting the interview, through Artificial Intelligence. 

To recruit trustful Remote Employees:

Remote working is nowadays a very popular term in technical employment. The maximum numbers of tech employees are remote workers. Some Artificial Intelligence tools are there who can ensure the trustability, honesty, and ethics of a tech talent before trusting him/her completely for hiring purposes. 

 Interview Purposes:

Nowadays using Artificial Intelligence technology in the interview process is quite common. Some basic questions are generally asked by Artificial Intelligence robots. For example, suppose a recruiting company contact a tech talent through skype but conduct the full interview digitally with the Artificial Intelligence as a result, the candidates do not get any kind of benefits from any of the social and visual cues like learned facial expression, body language, etc. to impress the recruiters for getting hired easily.

Recruitment Automation:

The older traditional ways for tech recruitment were so time-consuming. Rather by using Artificial Intelligence, the recruiter can get the time to look into the other works as this technology uses scientific ways. Artificial Intelligence collects data from the system and helps the whole recruiting process more efficient automation, which is the data-driven recruitment by using Artificial Intelligence. With this feature, the company can also manage their social media accounts for marketing purposes to attract more applicants.

Technologies Behind Artificial Intelligence or its Technologies:


Expert System; which enables the decision-making ability of a computer system just like a human expert.

Machine Learning; is an application that enables the Artificial Intelligence to understand and update the new things from its previous experience automatically. There is no need to program again.

Natural Language Processing; or NLP, which makes the interaction between the computer system and the human language easier using the natural human-like language both verbally and written.

Computer Vision; is a technology that builds artificial systems by obtaining information from the images or some multidimensional data.

Automated Speech Recognition; is the ability of the Artificial Intelligence that allows the computer system to understand the words or sentences in spoken languages automatically.

Artificial Intelligence Planning; a branch of artificial intelligence that provides automated planning and scheduling factors.

In this part, we have discussed the Artificial Intelligence using and its technologies. Nowadays Artificial Intelligence becomes the most common technological recruitment strategy or trend. Every tech company should use Artificial Intelligence for the better and unbiased hiring process.

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