3 Recruitment Trends are being Permanent due to this Pandemic

This pandemic has changed everything, the way we work, the way the businesses are being operated, the way we used to be in our normal lives. We are locked down, and our surrounding is massively changing. In this challenging situation, being positive is the toughest work for us, we don’t know what to happen next, how long will we be restricted, how many more we may have to lose for this virus before we have it under control, but still we don’t let this pandemic win over us, we don’t let this pandemic stop our work.

The recruitment process has already changed due to this pandemic. The traditional way of recruitment has been the past, and we shifted ourselves towards digital recruitment. And all of these practices will have a strong impact on the recruitment landscape or base, and some recruitment trends will be permanent in the recruitment process. Those previously were optional to us, are now going to be permanent. In this article, I will talk about three processes that are going to be permanent even after quarantine like a sticky habit.

3 Recruitment Trends are being Permanent due to this Pandemic


If we look back to our normal days, then we will see that there were some companies that were not much updated with the technologies, and tend to run their process in the traditional ways despite market competition. But if we see now we will be surprised to see that they have also changed the way of hiring and the work process to cope up with today’s situation by the following ways,

Technology-Based Recruitment.

The use of updated technologies to improve the hiring process and attract the top talents are not new, it was in the recruitment practices before this pandemic started, but it has been permanent now. Previously, using technology in recruitment was like posting the digital advertisement on the job portal, and social media, tracking employees’ background with some applicant trackers and using data to make the hiring decision. Though the virtual interview was useful, some of the companies still preferred the face to face interview, as it revealed the real personality of the candidate, and for the candidate, it was also more preferable, but now the online recruitment is being the only option to hire someone. Having the most updated technology to successfully conduct virtual hiring is mandatory now. Recruitment tools have got a surge in their marketplace, as almost all the recruiters are now using the recruitment tool to successfully hire a candidate, who will be the best fit for the work team and the work culture. Rather than the personal meetings, the recruiters are now leaning towards the Zoom virtual meeting. Though there were technologies to make hiring decisions, the hiring manager was the one who used to make the hiring decision, but things have been changed now. The AI-based applications are now being used widely for any decision-making work. Using technology in recruitment will not do anything extra, but it will save both the time and workload as well as resources for the recruiters, and it tends to be permanent even after the pandemic.

Flexible Working Hours and Remote Working.

Flexible working hours were not available for every company before this quarantine. There were many companies that used to stick to their traditional work hours and didn’t let their employees work on flexible hours, but due to this pandemic, flexible hours have been a mandatory option now for every workplace. Simultaneously remote working is not an easily available option in every company, even if any company showed interest in having remote employees they had limited numbers, as there were risks too for having remote employees. But for this pandemic, every employee has been a remote employee, and they work on their flexible hours. Remote working is not so easy, there are certain problems that the workers can face, like the internet bandwidth problem and some connectivity issue, that made them unable to be on their system always, so they choose their own time period for their work. Also, remote working saves the office expenses for the companies, which they can use for the post quarantine renovation. Even work productivity seems to be hiked up for both of these processes, as this lets the employees stress less and relax more by maintaining a well-balanced work life. Thus, it shows that both of these work flexibility and remote working will be the permanent trends in the recruitment landscape even after the pandemic ends.

Working from Home as Top Priority.

Previously working from home was not an easy option for the employees, but for today’s situation, it has been on the top priority list. Though the lockdown has begun to decline, the employers are still letting their employees work from home, as in the physical workplace maintaining the rules and regulations will be tough and there will be risks to the employees’ lives. Also, research shows that productivity is increasing gradually when the workers are working from their homes rather than their workplaces. They don’t have to face the daily boring traffics, they don’t have to stuck in the road jams, they don’t have to wake up early, and they don’t have to hurry for the work at all, and thus they are being relaxed all the time and a happy and less stressed man’s working capability is more than a struggling and stressed man. Maybe to keep the productivity graph increased the employer now put the telecommuting option at their top priority under the job benefits column of their hiring advertisements.

In the above passages, I tried to show the importance of the three recruitment trends that are helping us in this hard situation. These trends were there previously, but not like the permanent ones and now this came out to be the only processes that let the recruiters hire a candidate successfully. Time will be changed, and the pandemic will end, but these trends will be there in our recruitment landscape like a sticky habit.

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