Remote Staffing will be the Future of Recruitment

Traditional employment is becoming the past since the pandemic hit our lives. It has changed the way the companies recruit, pay, and manage their talent pool. This virtual staffing or remote staffing is the only way for companies to recruit employees in their workforce. Though we all know that remote working can not complete the tasks in the way the office workers normally do, but for this Covid-19 pandemic, among the other things, remote staffing and remote working have become a must-do experience for the companies. 

Remote Staffing will be the Future of Recruitment


Before this pandemic, there was a tendency of hiring remote employees who can work for the companies from a remote place by using their own resources and only contact the companies occasionally, even the companies don’t pay them like the full-time office employees. But things have changed after this pandemic, we all got locked down in our homes. But the pandemic couldn’t stop the business works, as we can see that half of the working population are now working from home, and the companies are making their revenue in a double amount. Of course, all the work can not be done while working from home or telecommuting, but the pandemic is accelerating the trend of telecommuting day by day, and it has the possibilities to become a long term working process, as we have evolved so much of remote working technology with us. We have learned how to take the interview of an employee virtually through a video conference, as well as we have the devices through which we can go to everywhere virtually just by wearing them. Due to this pandemic, many companies are hiring employees virtually for their must needed vacant job roles in their workforce, and thus they are investing much amount on the technologies that can help them for the remote staffing or the virtual staffing. And this we can get a strong sense that this remote staffing may replace the working in the office thing. This trend is actually changing the work habits of the office workers, and people have always been interested in the new trends and they change their habits to cope up with that trend. But some of the trends may get stuck to us permanently like this remote staffing. But it has certain advantages for the employers as well as for the businesses that can make this trend stay longer even in the post quarantine period too.

What makes Remote Staffing the Future of Recruitment?


Remote staffing or virtual staffing changes the traditional way of recruiting. Having remote employees not only provides a way to keep the business in a straight line in this pandemic but also has so many advantages on the business which lets the recruiters think to make it a long term hiring process. Some of the advantages are as follows,

 Remote Staffing will Save Office Expenses.

This will be the most obvious advantage that the companies can get by hiring remote employees for their workforce. Staffing remotely will definitely reduce the office-related expenses for the employees. The office will not have to bear the expenses for the resources by providing an office room, as well as the internet, because the remote workers generally will work from their homes, and they will use their resources for doing the works. Also, if any business can survive and thrive in the post quarantine period successfully, they have to cut the office expenses to get in the previous workflow and be creative with the budget they have in their hands. And for this treason, the only way to cut the office expenses is by staffing remotely. Thus they can save the resources that they spend on the physical overheads.

Productivity is Increasing.

When the employees will work from their homes, or from a place near to their homes, they don’t have to face the daily hustle for commuting or traveling to their workplaces. Even they will get enough time in their homes to handle more workloads. Also if they work from their homes, then they will take fewer break times and day-offs which eventually increase the productivity of the team. And they will be less stressed as well, because they don’t have to face that same boring traffic on their daily journey. In a research report of China, almost 13% of productivity has been increased in the call center employees while they are working from home, as they are attending more calls in a reduced time period. And if the productivity increases in this way, then no employers will wish to stop this trend from going on.

You will get a smarter and updated working team.

While working remotely, and hiring virtually is going on, the hiring team of the recruiting companies must have to be updated with the latest technologies, as at the end of the day they have to hire an employee successfully virtually. But when the team will hire someone virtually from different places, they may face certain difficulties while connecting with other team members, they may face low internet connectivity, as well as device difficulties, and it will create them smarter and update their problem-solving skills. On the other hand, they will become more updated with the latest technologies. And it will attract more talents into your workforce.

The companies will be able to connect to the Global Talent Pool.

When you hire permanent employees who need to commute to the workplace, you are actually restricting your access to be connected with the talents beyond your geographical borders. With remote staffing technology, companies will get access to the global talents. They can connect with the talents from anywhere on the earth with the virtual staffing methods. Like one can interview a candidate from Boston from his/her New York office with the Zoom video conference. And this ultimately builds a strong talent pool for the companies, as well as make a good impact on the employer brand.

Remote Staffing will reduce Employee Replacement Costs.

As a recruiter, you know well that it costs so much time and money to replace a permanent experienced employee with a new one. When you are replacing an employee with a new employee, you have to train that employee, as well as test them to improve his/her skills, in your physical workplace. Now let’s imagine, if you are replacing a remote staff with another remote staff you can train him/her with an online video conference, you can test their skills with an online assessment. See you are saving both on your time and money with remote staffing.

The above passages show you the importance of remote staffing in this pandemic and also the reasons why it is becoming a never-ending hiring trend for the businesses. Though the remote staffing will give many benefits to the companies, we all know that not every kind of work is possible through telecommuting. Also, having a physical working team in the workplace not only just increases the office expenses, on the other hand, it will also provide much relaxation to the working team, as they can talk with each other, can have coffee to the cafeteria together. Also working together from one place will keep the productivity line hiked up, as everyone is creative in their own way, and when all the brains are working together it will create a super creative idea. One more thing is the connectivity problem while working from home, it is not possible to connect with everyone at the same time and it will delay some kind of work updates that do not happen while working from the same place. But apart from this, to survive this pandemic and to get back to the normal ways we should continue this remote staffing for a while, and make this process a long term hiring trend.

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