Top 5 Strategies to Improve Your Virtual Hiring

Virtual hiring is the new normal in the Pandemic. Most of the offices were operating remotely. As per the Gartner HR Survey 86% of organizations are hiring candidates virtually during the global pandemic. The revolution of virtual recruitment is in full swing. The pool of talented candidates is widely available. Virtually hiring has a lot of benefits too. Talented candidates from any location can be hired. It saves a lot of time and minimizes hiring costs too. Hence, remote recruitment is not going to end at any time soon, in fact, this looks like a permanent setup for a long duration which will continue post-pandemic too.

Approximately 75 million U.S. employees (82%) say they want to continue working from home, at least weekly, when stay at home orders are lifted

Top 5 Strategies to Improve Your Virtual Hiring

Since virtual hiring is on-trend now, and many organizations are practicing this, it needs to follow a proper strategy for the perfect virtual hiring, and, making a good hire through remote staffing techniques. Below are the top 5 strategies through which your virtual staffing will be on the right track,

Structured Hiring Process

A proper tracking system is very important when it comes to virtual hiring. The employer should be very clear about what they are looking for in a candidate. The job description should be crisp and clear so that while skimming through thousands of resumes you should search for the exact skills and knowledge. This is when the applicant tracker system comes into play. You can accurately track the requirement and match the criteria of the applicant with the job profile by applying the appropriate filter.

Be Mobile Friendly

In the digital age, career sites, recruitment messages, or communication platforms; everything must be mobile optimized. As per Pew data, 54% of candidates use mobile devices to apply for a job.

Hence an organization needs to work towards this if this is not already in place. Also, it should be kept in mind that the mobile site has fewer clicks else the job seeker will move elsewhere.

Proper Utilization of Social Media

Social media plays a very important role in today’s time. It is used for networking, getting the latest news, reading, checking what the particular organization is saying, and sharing, etc. Providing the details of job opportunities has joined the list recently.

Social media can be used for promoting companies’ branding by sharing what they do, how they do, and what employees and others have to say about it. It is the perfect platform for marketing branding. Companies can showcase their USP and become distinct from their competitors and keep an edge in what they do. Also, participating in discussion forums and sharing helpful information related to a particular industry will attract candidates and improve brand image.

It can also be used to judge and evaluate candidates. Their social media posts will tell how professional they are or what kind of topics they are sharing. Based on that employer can judge his passion for a particular industry or his knowledge and insight about the same.

Video Interviewing

Video interviewing is an important strategy in virtually hiring and should not be neglected. It is more impactful for both employers and candidates. The employer can assess the candidate accurately while talking to them face to face. It is more effective in comparison to an online test or talking over a phone. Also, it can be conducted from anywhere and saves a lot of time.

Similarly, video interviews give candidates a feel that the organization is forward and technologically sound.

Background & Reference Check

A reference check before onboarding is very important as you cannot rely on any candidate blindly. Asking the previous employer about the candidates and their traits gives a lot of information about the candidate. Not every time an organization shares all the vital information but it is important to listen to them carefully and read between the lines. You can get to know about his style of working or personality. Whether he is punctual and good with deadlines etc.

Technology has made virtual hiring easy. Proper tracker systems, online assessments, video interviews, and social media have changed the game, and it is in favor of both employers and employees. Utilizing it properly can help employers get the best talent and virtual stars to find the best job.

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