9 things to take care of when interviewing candidates

This is probably the other side of the coin and not a topic often discussed – how should YOU, as an INTERVIEWER, present yourself in an interview session, and what are the must-dos for you to impact the interview in a positive way. 

While it’s easier on the confidence side of things to be in the interviewer’s seat, it is an immense responsibility to choose candidates who would do justice to the job role offered, and bring value to the company. You might not be shaking with fear, but you are definitely under pressure to hire the right person and negotiate the right pay scale. Not to mention that you represent the company, and you need to imprint that first good impression on desirable candidates to join your company.

We have compiled a list of 9 must-dos for interviewers for creating that impact in the interview room that will help in the hiring process as well as create an impact on candidates who might not be hired but will remember the interviewing episode as one that helped them in some way, however little it might be. 

1. Read that CV before – And skip that stupid question “Tell me something about yourself” Even memes have come out on this question now.

2. Introduce yourself to the candidate after exchanging greetings.

3. Prepare yourself in advance – get your generic question set ready.

4. Listen carefully – If you’re focused mainly on asking, you might miss out on details that portray the person you’re interviewing.

5. Let the candidate speak – Some people take a little more time to explain and express themselves. Let them speak. Do not be too indulgent though with time.

6. Be prepared to be asked – If you have half-baked knowledge about the job role you’re offering, it appears to be a red flag to the candidate. Know the job requirements and seek help from the concerned department if needed. It is best to have a manager/lead from the concerned team included in the panel.

7. Don’t try to be intimidating – In my earlier days as a job seeker, most interviewers freaked me out with their more solemn-than-needed attitude. Relax, this is not the time to behave like a job-bestowing demi-god.

8. Decode and read between the lines – A good interviewer not only asks but watches the interviewee closely. Is the person sitting like they give a damn? Are they not able to respond because they have interview jitters? Are they bashing up the last workplace they left? Listen and watch for tell-tale signs that show the personality of a prospective employee.

9. Inform them about the next step, clearly – If they are not selected for the next round, tell them. If you really, and I mean really, need time to assess all candidates, tell them they should hear from you within such and such date to know if they are selected. Do not keep them hanging or in the dark.

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