Leverage the 2 best social media platforms for Recruiting – LinkedIn and Twitter

If you want a steady stream of new candidates, social media is essential. Many industries have been left behind by the online revolution, but recruitment is arguably one of the areas where promoting and networking on the web can be most effective. We’ll look at why social media for recruiters can be so beneficial, as well as the best channels to use in your own business, in this article.

Good recruitment marketing is essential for bringing in the right clients and candidates who are actively looking for new positions, and no online marketing strategy for recruiters would be complete in modern times without a healthy contingent of social media activity. 

Aside from the time it takes, social networking is generally free, making it the most cost-effective way for recruitment firms to advertise.

Grow your talent pool with LinkedIn 

With some sites geared specifically toward professional and career networking, such as LinkedIn (and there has never been a more perfect social platform than LinkedIn for recruiters!). Finding the people you want and introducing yourself is not only simple, but also completely appropriate!

You have two main options when it comes to using LinkedIn for recruitment:

Sounds puzzling, and you’re unsure which is best for you?

In essence, LinkedIn Recruiter is an outbound recruiting strategy in that you will contact your ideal candidates after conducting a filtered search.

LinkedIn Talent Hub, on the other hand, is designed for inbound recruiting. In other words, candidates will respond to your job advertisement, and you will have to choose the best employee to contact.

Using LinkedIn is not only a great practice to find great potential candidates for the roles you’re trying to fill, but it’s also a great way for recruiters to market themselves.

Twitter marketing for recruitment firms

Twitter is fantastic for recruiters because you can tweet as many times as you want without being considered “spammy,” and as long as your content is interesting and relevant, people will follow you and interact with you.

Using Twitter to advertise for recruitment agencies works best when you tweet not only links to details of vacancies you are recruiting for (a new and free way to get your job ads out there), but also links to general career advice and recruitment industry news. 

This will attract followers who aren’t actively looking for work but want to stay up to date on the market, and if you post good content (it doesn’t even have to be from your own site – sharing interesting things you’ve seen from other companies is always a good idea as well), your followers and even your peers will start to regard you as an industry expert.

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