Tech Companies Need More Women Recruitment

Talking about the tech recruitment, why the male employees are found in large numbers than females?

In this 21st century, women are still getting victimized for sexism. The tech companies are still very much male-dominated, only around 25% of women are found doing computer jobs in the US. Research shows that only 26% of the computing jobs and 12% of the engineering jobs were held by women in 2013.

From the very early stage of recruitment, women are the main victims of gender disparities. Many women in the US do not opt for the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) career, as they generally do not get hired many times. If hired then they had to show more skills than that the men. And 73% of women think they have to work in a male-dominated organization with more gender disbalance. Currently, 25 in every 100 skilled women doing a STEM job.

If we travel to the past times, during World War II you will find the importance of women in the technological area. Though the spotlight has not brightened up the women’s contribution, even though they were the brains behind some major operations. As the first computer programmer was a woman, who coined the term Software Engineering. Also in present times, the women are seen as having greater marks and percentages than the men in the technological institutions. But still, many of the female employees report that they are called in the meeting board, just to take notes or to provide very less amount of information. Whether it is tech or non-tech platforms, the “female-led” should be in commonplace as “male-led”.

So why the females are so underrepresented in the tech sector? There are some answers to this question:


Gender Biasness. The recruiters think those female candidates are socially unfit for their male-dominated tech companies. So they usually do not want to hire them. Even sometimes women underestimate themselves by letting go with the unconscious bias to choose male candidates for hiring over the female candidates.

Maternity Problems. Companies think about the maternity problems of a female candidate before investing in her. Like, what if after getting a responsible role, the employee takes a leave for a month and unable to give effort in the company for a while.  So they think it is better not to recruit females.

Not Many Female Candidates to Hire. Less recruitment of female candidates in tech firms discourages other females to opt for a STEM career so there is always a lack of female tech talents.

In-group Recruitment. Males generally like to hire males more than females. So if the recruiter is male he may tend to hire more male candidates over females. Also, the female candidates sometimes do not feel to be well expressed in front of a male recruiter.

Despite hiring women is a challenge, but that is necessary for every tech company. I am pointing out some reasons as to why the female hiring is necessary for the tech:


– Hiring more women in tech companies results in a diversified workforce and leadership, which makes the company more competitive and profitable. The company can look out from a different perspective, different objectives and different ways. As both genders have different perspectives.

– Working with people of different genders, and different sexual orientations can make companies more innovative with technological ideas and problem-solving skills.

– The women are the lead adaptors of new technologies in present times. They are more in line with technologies. For example, looking at internet usage it shows the major internet users in Western countries are women. They use the internet 17% more than the men. Women are more active on the internet via their mobile phones, social media access, and many other location-based services than men.

– Recruiting more female employees as manager roles or leadership roles can lower the project costs. Because almost 70% of US household spending is being controlled by women.

– Research shows that women are more skilled in excel in technological fields like engineering, coding, etc. than men. According to research, codes that have written by women have a chance to get accepted by 78.6%, which is almost 4% more than that the codes written by men.

– Women leadership is necessary for the tech companies which generally produce items or products only for women, like Menstruation Products, Pregnancy Kits, and other Maternal things, etc. As males have no direct connection with these products and also they can not think of an innovative idea for the betterment of these products.

– Tech companies led by women have performed almost 3-4 times better than that of the companies with male CEOs. For example, High performing companies like Fortune 500 have women in their senior positions. This trend is also going with startups too.

– Hiring women in tech companies can make a healthier workplace in the company and that is proven. Companies from having no female employees to having a small percentage of female employees associated, make almost 15% increased profit.

– 74% of girls in present days show interest in STEM  fields but do not make a career with this. Recruiting more women in tech companies, especially in leadership roles can encourage more women to opt for the STEM career. This could fill up the candidate demand in the STEM industries and also make sure that there will be enough tech talents for the future.

– Women are experts in multitasking. They can do more than two works at the same time in two different ways, which men can not think about to do.

– Women have the greatest management tools to unite people and draw ideas together. They are the greatest team builders. They also possess good customer communication skills, as no customer can say NO to them easily.

– With empathy and deep multidimensional thinking capacities, women can lead the company very well, as they can think of a solution to a problem in different ways.

– Women are calm enough to manage a tough situation with a smile.

Hiring more women tech talents in companies, make the company more competitive, more innovative, and more diversified. This helps to remove all the barriers and blockages of the companies and make the workplace full of capacities for doing works. Yes, hiring women and investing in them is almost a challenging task. But we have to move onward and upward regarding this. We can make it together for a better technological future.

Thank you, readers, for reading this with patience. Now as for every time share your valuable feedback on this article by commenting below and let us know. And do not forget to share it.

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