Why Work-Life Balance is Necessary for Recruitment?

In these days of talent shortage, you will find the candidates not only looking for just a job, but they also want more than a job. Wondering instantly? Okay! They want a company where they can work and feel valued and rewarded by the employer. They want to work in a company that can provide them enough flexibility and diversity as well as a healthy work environment that can lead them to balance their personal and professional lives. A healthy work-life balance is the most important thing that every candidate nowadays is looking for before joining the talent pool of a company.

The work-life balance is a process through which an employee can maintain both of him/her personal and professional lives with a proper balance. Like, s/he can divide their time for both their personal connections i.e., friends, families, self and their professional life by depending on the priorities of the works. Along with this, less stress and reduced workloads motivate the employees to work and increase their loyalty level to their workplace.

Why Work-Life Balance is Necessary for Recruitment?


If you want to attract the top talents in your talent pool, then achieving work-life balance in your workplace is the most important tool you can imply. Flexibilities and policies that surround work-life balance make a whole new way that can definitely change the pattern you and your recruiting team follow. An impressive workplace with greater flexibility and a healthy work environment to balance between personal and professional lives can get you plenty of talents with less effort whom you may have not been able to attract.

You may think of using thousands of candidate sourcing tools or job portals, but none of these will work for you if you do not have the basic policies for the candidate sourcing. And work-life balance is one of the major policies you can make at your workplace to easily get the attention of the candidates and build your talent pool. Below are some reasons showing why work-life balance can be a good policy for your candidate sourcing,

Using work-life balance you may get the hold of remote employees.

When your organization has greater flexibility in the workforce and can provide a better and healthy work-life balance to the employees, then you can surely attract the remote candidates who will work for you remotely. Thus you do not have to bear the office expenses as well as any physical cost for them. Having remote employees promote the flexibility of your company, and it will definitely give your company the chance to get a competitive advantage by securing a top position in the talent war.

It can eventually improve your Employer Brand value.

Having good flexibility in your workplace and a healthy work-life balance among your employees increase your employer brand value. Also, you will be the top magnet to attract the millennials, as they are the generations who not only work for the money, but also for the flexibility and space for their personal lives. Hence, a good employer brand helps you to secure the top talents in your talent pools and make you the unbeatable warrior in the talent war.

It also increases the Referrals rate.

Almost 90% of candidates are being sourced by the referrals, hiring based on employee referrals are the most effective ones. So, when your workplace has a healthy work environment that lets the employees have a good work-life balance, they obviously will cherish that and happily share the secret of their happiness to their known ones. Hence, it increases the rates of employee referrals.

It attracts more candidates from Diverse Backgrounds.

Flexible workplaces are the common interests of almost all diverse candidates. Imagine a working mother/father, they will be more interested to be in your talent pool. Also, it will eventually improve the way you recruit previously and attracts the top talents. 

Along with these, it will improve the productivity of your workforce.

Along with everything, a good work-life balance improves the daily productivity of your workforce. Having a good balance between personal and professional lives, your employees will be less stressed and more active and happy. All of these make your workforce more productive and creative. Also, it will increase your employee retention rate and make a great global impact on your organization.

How can you implement this work-life balance in your recruitment?


No candidates will realize whether your workplace is flexible or the employees of your company are truly happy or not before applying to your organization. It is up to you to send this information to them by sharing it with the outer world. But before promoting, make sure that your organization really supports the flexibility and your employees are having a good work-life balance in their lives.

1. Now start with thinking of the benefits that you want to provide to the talents in your workforce. There are numerous benefits you can provide them like flexible work hours for the employees, job sharing options, work from home options, etc.

2. Once done with the thinking, start to promote these benefits on your social media channels. Because candidates are most likely to search your company on social media first when they are willing to apply to your organization and be a part of your talent pool. You can promote the benefits on your social media by creating some good posts that highlight both your company outlook and your employees’ happiness. You can put some images of your employees having fun, an outing together, or participating in some healthy activities in your workplace.

3. After social media promotion rush to your website, as your website is the second thing that the candidates search after visiting you on the social media channels. Here you can promote the benefits on your career page. Also, you can post some good content and articles that are related to the importance of flexibility and work-life balance.

4. Increase your employee engagement in this matter. Ask your employees to discuss their professional lives in the workplace, so you can simply put that moment to your content to get the most eyes on you. Also, you can ask your employees to share their pictures while working from home, by tagging the company name on the post. It can also promote the benefits of having work-life balance in your workplace.

5. Now last but not the least, enlist all of these benefits on each of your job descriptions, job posts and any single posts that are related to the job openings. When candidates will look into your job openings, they will also get to know the benefits that you provide and eventually apply to your company by themselves.

The above passages show you the usefulness of having a healthy work-life balance in the workplace and its necessity for recruitment purposes. People obviously love a workplace that pays them good and provides them opportunities to be successful. But besides this, they always look for a company where their personal lives will not get affected by their works. As a recruiter, you definitely will not want to let the candidates fall through the holes of the sieve. So I can recommend you to use this most important tool for your candidate sourcing and talent pool building strategy.

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