3 Mistakes Recruiters Make In A Job Interview

Unlike in the past, when only recruiters had the privilege of selecting a candidate. In the digital age, the power of getting recruited is in the hands of both the recruiters and the candidates.

Just like the recruiters choose a candidate, a candidate also chooses a company. So both the concerned parties here need to attract the other side.

In this article, we will point out 3 mistakes recruiters make in job interviews that may lead to losing a potential candidate.

1. Not Cherishing The Grey-


Life is not just black and white. You will always find a grey area in almost everything. So if you reject a candidate because they did not give an answer, as it is written to be correct in your paper, it would be a mistake that you must avoid as a hiring manager.

One single sheet of paper does not decide a person’s capabilities and worth. Similarly, an incorrect answer must not mean that the candidate is unworthy of the position.

It’s good to have guidelines set for the interview process, but following them blindly may be a bad idea at times. Guidelines should be made to help you conduct the interview without wasting time. Not to reject a candidate based on one or two criteria that are not fulfilled.

2. Don’t Be A Dishonest Seller-


Oftentimes, many recruiters glorify their company to attract the best candidates. It’s all good until you overdo it and state inaccurate information about the company or the job positions or benefits.

Even if the candidate gets impressed and joins your company, they will soon realize the reality and quit your company at any given chance, which will again lead the recruiters to look for another candidate.

Sell your positions but also state the facts so the employees know what to expect from your company. 

3. Don’t Go Unprepared-


Just like how you expect the candidate to prepare for the interview to have them learn about your company and the job positions. Similarly, as an interviewer, you should also come prepared.

Reading the candidate’s resume while they are right in front of you is a big no-no. By reading the candidate’s resume beforehand, you will be able to determine the guidelines and questions to ask, which will make the interview seamless and speedy.

These are the three mistakes recruiters should avoid. I wish you all the best for your next hunt.


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