Elevate Employee Efficiency through Ace Leadership

In the dictionary, the expression leadership is designated as the act of leading a group of people or an organization. Leaders help set a new vision and plan parallel decisions. A leader needs to define and align an employee’s direction and magnify their abilities. However, with this unforeseeable pandemic, businesses have suffered a lot and traditional methods of employee management seem a predicament. A leader needs to be a firm person who can inspire people to do a task. Employees should feel welcomed to share their ideas with a leader. Let us have a deeper introspection into the topic.

Elevate Employee Efficiency through Ace Leadership

Often employee efficiency is generalized as the three P’s: Productivity, Performance, and Perseverance. However, amidst the global pandemic, this definition has not been an apt measure of efficiency. Qualities like coherence, consistency, integrity, and transparency have newfound meaning in business. As the employee-employer physical distance increases, excellent leadership needs to be redefined. Here I am depicting the points with the core aspects of leadership and how it needs to be revisited in the following way,

Transparency in Communication

No employee-employer relationship can grow without proper and honest communication. This requires time to cultivate trust between the employer and the employee. Resolving potential ambiguity and a warm approach from the leader is a fast-paced way to cultivate trust. The leader needs to foster a crystal clear information flow in all hierarchical structures. An excellent leader takes accountability for his teammates whilst influencing their vision bringing positivity to the team.

Putting Oneself in Employees’ Shoes

A leader must try to examine the situation from a different viewpoint. This will let him/her realize the aspects that sometimes the management fails to notice. Sometimes an employer’s empathy towards a distressed employee can be perceived differently by other team members. So to scrutinize a situation before taking an action is equally essential. When the employer-employee gap increases, a leader must be aware of all the setbacks to the team.

Leader Decisiveness

There is always a saying, “A wrong decision is no decision at all”, and in the leadership, this saying is worth the most. So it becomes very vital for a leader to make decisions regarding anything in the team. And for making the right decisions, you should have the pertinent information in your hand. Any other information apart from the relevant ones should have been vested out if you want to be in a healthy relationship with your employees. Also, most leaders are obsessed with achieving the goal and end up making decisions in a rush, which maximum times leads to failure.

Planning Excellence

Careful planning will always ensure the proper utilization of resources. Business strategies like six-sigma, Critical path Method, Gantt Chart, etc. are great tools designed to ease workflow. A good plan also consists of risk identification and mitigation techniques. It is an elaborate and logical ‘to-do’ list which can be broken down to individual level tasks. To achieve excellent planning, a leader must understand that to execute the plan successfully, teamwork must exist. Without good teamwork, no plan or leader can achieve the assigned goal. Therefore it is critical to plan and carve out a path that will ensure maximum involvement of all the members in a team.

Summarizing Ace leadership


Executing phenomenal leadership remotely is reasonably challenging. To delegate work, a leader needs to understand the custom ‘work environment’ has changed drastically. The office is no longer an absolute ambiance and rather has changed to ‘comfort of home’. More amusingly, we can quote this test of leadership as the “Virus Test for augmented leadership”.  Activities that increase communication, trust, and responsibility are essential in building the foundation. A leader must be well aware of an employee’s and their close one’s challenges and take decisions accordingly. This will ensure the employee-employer trust cycle never goes downhill. A healthy relationship between the leader and his team is what makes it go. Signing off I would like to quote a great saying by Seth Godin “Leadership is the art of giving people a platform for spreading ideas that work”.

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