Temporary Staffing and Its Benefits

Temporary staffing means hiring a staff/employee for a limited time period. It is been followed globally for a long time but in India, this is a new term that has started growing rapidly with the growth of MNCs. This kind of employees does all the regular day to day official work which is performed by the regular employees. They are very useful when the regular employees are on a vacation or on a long leave due to some reasons. The majority of the companies hire this kind of staff during the surge times during some specific seasons to meet the extra workload and to achieve the company goals.

Benefits of Temporary Staffing for the Companies – 

Temporary staffing is beneficial for both the company that is hiring and also to the staff who is being hired. Let’s have a look at the key advantages of it for the companies –


This is one of the importance and usefulness of temporary hiring. Employers use temporary staffing services to fill the vacant place of the regular employees who are on a long leave maybe a vacation or a medical urgency. This helps the company to work smoothly without the interruption of the daily workflow for the absence of the employees. Hence it also helps to meet the company goals on time maintaining the trust and efficiency of the work.


The most attractive part of temporary hiring is the budget. Companies have to bear the cost of any kind of leave, have to provide medical support for an emergency, and also includes the extra time payment for the permanent employees. But none of this is applicable for the temporary staffs, they don’t get any of this facility which is provided to the permanent workers. As a result, the majority of the companies opt for this because temporary staffing reduces the cost by eradicating the need to hiring a full-time permanent worker with tons of facilities and hence it increases the margin Return of Investment.

Check on Overtime Costs

Overtime costs are a big burden for the companies. Due to the extra load of work pressure which might be also due to seasonal surge and with less staff for that moment, companies ask the regular workers to extend their shift time to meet the goals. And with no other choice, they have to bear the overtime costs to meet such demands. But with temporary staffing, the overtime costs can be checked as it removes the need for overtime of the regular employees and companies will also get the work done and will succeed to accomplish such workloads during seasonal surge times.

Saves the Cost & Time of Training 

One of the annoying and time-consuming parts is to train an employee and to bear its costs. The company doesn’t want to wait for the time period which is being consumed while training and to pay without any productivity from them for that that specific time ad there are no returns on investment.

So to avoid such cost and time, companies are following the trend of temporary staffing as temporary staffs are not provided with long haul training. This kind of staff is screened properly while interviewing and checked whether they are pre-trained with all relevant pieces of knowledge needed.

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