4 ways to Think Outside the Box While Hiring

Hiring the best candidates, especially the passionate ones is very difficult and in the case of tech hiring, it is a great headache and challenging as well as stated by 86% of recruiters over the world (Source: Indeed). In every quarter of a year, tech recruiters get their targets to fill up the vacant positions. For the sake of filling vacant spaces, bosses yell to complete the target in time resulting in a big pressure for the recruiters and that leads them to hire average candidates. But, is that good enough for your company and for yourself? Those candidates who aren’t even excited about their job roles and not passionate as well, how can they handle the pressure? Thus, they will collapse and leave the company and again you start doing the same process. It becomes a life cycle of a tech recruiter but, it’s not good for you and your company as well. Growth will not come that way for both.

If you’ll see the technical giants like Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, etc. you will find that they hire the best candidates, they retain them very easily and even the candidates feel proud and excited to retain themselves into those companies. Have you ever wondered how they do that? Do they have any sort of magic wand which can manipulate candidates? No, they think out of the box while hiring. They do not work in a random way and that is why they have their grip over tech talent hiring.

Let’s begin:

Unexpected Phone screening

When our schools announced the dates of examinations, we prepared ourselves for those particular dates to perform well and even we got good marks, right? But, when the teachers announced the surprise tests, there were hardly 1 or 2 guys who did well and others failed the test. The same thing happens when the recruiters schedule a phone screen on a specific date and time. Even the average candidates prepare themselves for doing their best, but those candidates who are really best and passionate, they are always ready to give tests anytime. If you can do the phone screen calls on unexpected short-notices like earlier in the morning when they are sleeping or when they are on leave, you will understand who are the deserving candidates.

Unpredictable interview rounds

If you can make your interviews an unpredictable one, you can check the candidate’s human intelligence and tenacity. How? Let me tell you. Imagine a situation, when a candidate starts working, he/she faces several unpredictable problems. In so many cases, candidates get confused and start yelling after facing unusual ones and that is the reason candidates get demotivated. That’s not right. But, if you can implement this at the time of hiring, you will understand who are those candidates, having that much tenacity to handle the pressure of unpredictable problems and how they manage the situation using their human intelligence.       

Allow your candidate to solve the real problems

This is very important to check how your candidate reacts to solving problems. In the technical field, problem-solving skill is highly recommended. If you provide the real problems to solve then you will get 2 things as a result. One, you can check the candidate’s problem-solving skill and how he/she reacting while facing it. Two, there will be a chance to solve your own problems through the candidates.  

Conduct dual interviews

This is a very tricky way to check the multitasking ability. You can put your candidate in the center of a conference table and interviewers at both ends of the table. Check whether the candidate can direct her attention simultaneously to both interviewers or not and check the answers as well. If both of them are synchronizing perfectly then the candidate is ideal.   


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