4 Tips for A Hiring Manager to Make Good Tech Hiring

Hiring is a tough job. Making a good hire takes a lot of time and needs many skills and strategies. Making a bad hire not only leaves a bad remark on the career of the Hiring Manager but also make a loss to the company.

The Hiring Manager is the person who put all the efforts into the hiring process, starting from screening the resumes of the applicants, interviewing the candidates, and then making the hiring decisions. These Hiring Managers are the only person who makes the ultimate decision regarding recruitment. Also, they are the people who do all the reports relating to the hiring process to the head of the departments of the recruiting companies.

There are some basic works you should do before taking any step regarding the hiring process. First, try to consult with your other employees and the team members to know more precisely about all the requirements and responsibilities regarding the desired job role. As you may miss some points while making the interview questions, so you should make a consult so that you can structure the whole interview and make the hiring process faster and smoother. Another work is to involve a maximum of your team members to help you in the whole recruitment process. Even, they can help you by interviewing your shortlisted candidates so that you can focus on some other works. Your team members can also help you by providing information about all the requirements of the job role precisely. You just have to do one job making the final decision.

It is fantastic if you get a brilliant candidate in the interview, you just do some questions and then you choose them for the hiring. It seems so easy, isn’t it? But what will you do if you get more than two or three gorgeous and amazing candidates in front of you on the interview board? It is now making a good problem for you, and you are now searching for a way to get rid of this situation for hiring a candidate easily. To overcome this situation you need some strategies to make good tech hiring.

There are 4 tips to help you for making a good hire:


1.) Make knowledge about everything regarding the job role:

The first strategy to make a good and best fit hire, you have to know first about all the perspectives of the job role. Certainly, you are a hiring manager, and you know all about the job requirements, that is why you are here. Yes, it is true. But what if you do not know about the exact job vacancy. For example, suppose you are specialized in the software developing and coding, you know everything regarding any job role that related to the software developing and coding, and all the skills that are required and each and everything related to this role, but when you are going to hire a designer you are unaware about the skills, roles and also about the responsibilities regarding the job role and also you do not have the same length of knowledge about it. In this case, you have to make knowledge about everything of the job role, either by discussing with an expert on that role or to involve a person who is an expert in this field, that he/she can help you in the hiring process.

You should know about some basic points of any job role before starting to decide the hiring process of any job role. The basic points are: 

The main duties of the job role,

The minimum educational requirements for the role,

Any experience if required for the role,

The skills, both hard and soft.

Thus, you can make assumptions on how the ideal candidate for this job role will look like and you can match the candidates with your ideal candidate assumptions and easily get the best fit for the role. But yes, do not make a high expectation that no candidate will match that and you turn down all the amazing candidates based on this. Always try to look for a candidate who can perfectly do the job along with high-quality employee possession.

2.) Kill your biases:

There are lots of biases that are doing nothing but hampering your abilities to make a good hire. How? Certain terms i.e., Halo Effect, Impression Biases, Anchor Biases, Confirmation Biases, Gender Biases, Cognition Biases, etc. make all the bad hiring at all and costs a lot of money. So please try to kill your all biases before making any kind of decision to the hiring process.

Even before rejecting a candidate, think twice even thrice if you are rejecting him/her based on any professional or job-related reason or job, or you are doing this based on your first impression biases.

3.) Make your hiring process objective:

There are some methods by which you can make your monotonous hiring process more objective, and thus it will reduce the chances of the biases. Also, they are super effective at all. You are doing the interview, you have all the information regarding the job role, but what if you don’t have the right information about the candidates. To make sure that you have the right information about the candidate, you should put some methods in your hiring process that are:

Structured Interviews- This is the best predictor of job performance, as well as this method can itself tell you either to shortlist the candidate or not. For this, all you have to do make a set of some effective questions regarding the job role you are hiring for, and thus you have come to know that either the candidate has the abilities to make you impressed or not.

Put Scorecards- When interviewing a candidate, make a scorecard for each candidate to give them marks or grades based on their answers to the asked questions. Make the same questions for all, thus you come to know whether to select the candidates or to reject them based on the scorecards.

Give Assessments- Provide some assessments or take some tests regarding the job role. You can also give them a puzzle or a problem to solve during the interview. Thus by seeing a candidate doing the work, taking action or thinking to solve the problem will help you to decide about the candidate better. All you have to do to pay attention to each candidate and yes, make eye contact with them to build the connection.

Take A Note for Everything- Always take a note about the candidate based on the answer or the scorecards, it will help you in the future about what to do with the candidate. If you do not take notes in the future you may forget about the candidate or maybe his/her name to recall them, and also when you do not have a note about a candidate in front of you then you are putting your general thoughts about the candidate and getting biased.

4.) Now it is time for making the decision:

Finally, you are here. That means you have completed all the above steps. You are now going to decide on the final candidates to select one of them without making a bad hire. So, to choose a good candidate and to make a good hire you need to concern about some steps:

Review the scorecards and the notes you have taken for each candidate. Check every note, scorecards, and grades for each candidate to make sure that you are making the right decision and not a bad hire. Take consideration of all the skills and the strength and the weakness of the candidate with a conceptual mind.

Compare the likes and dislikes. Make lists for each candidate about what you like about them and what you dislike, and place them side by side and review them once more before making the final decision. Even, make a discussion with your team members about this. Remove all the biases and think about why you are hiring this candidate, why not the other.

References are valuable. When interviewing, ask each candidate to provide a couple of names to check the references about themselves. This is the last work you have to do to make a good hire, once you are done with your own decision making, check the references, thus you will be able to know the background of the candidate. Also, you can collaborate with your HR department to make more precise hiring decisions.

Do not overthink about your own decision, this will lead to making misconception. Instead of providing maximum time to the hiring process, invest it into some productive purposes like to the job board and also to training, so that the newly hired employee will get the best productivity. Even, you can leverage the help of technologies like artificial intelligence for furthermore precise works.

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