Hiring A Computer Programmer Is Challenging

Information technology careers are getting more demanding nowadays, and the number of people opting for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is getting increased. And from all of the careers, the demands for computer programmers and the person with enough skills for computer programming are getting risen. Computer programming is one of the most desirable career paths but one can not directly get good, without facing the bad. Especially in the tech sector, it is very obvious which makes a lot of work-related obstacles, but of course, it can be overcome.

Computer programmers are the people who write codes for computer applications and the software or some computer programs and test the codes to know if it is functioning properly. But the main problem is that the recruitment of computer programmers is getting declined by 7% from the previous 10 years and it also going to decline in the upcoming years if it will go like this.

Demands for computer programming are getting increased not only in the industries of information technology but also for every sector of business and industries, starting from healthcare to any other. As the latest technology with coding, computer programmers make the companies or the businesses more sustainable in the competitive market as well in the recruitment also. Businesses need to optimize computer programming to upgrade themselves more efficiently and technologically, as well as to upgrade the legacy information or to provide the customers with breakthrough solutions, etc.

But there are lots of challenges to overcome while hiring a computer programmer for your business or companies:


First, the main challenge to hire a computer programmer is to find the right tech talent. But the main thing is that in the US, there are more job openings for computer programmers than qualified applicants with computer programming courses. The main cause for it is the shortage of tech talents with the major of computer programming. Yes, indeed, the individuals are nowadays picking the option for the STEM career, but among the 58% of overall STEM candidates, only 8% of STEM graduates show a degree in computer programming major. Even when you get an applicant who is more interested in doing the computer programming job, you may find a shortage of required skills among them. Like, firstly the shortage of the candidate with an interest in computer programming job sector, and then the interested candidates but with fewer skills about computer programming, both the technical and soft skills that are appropriate for the job role. To overcome this challenge the recruiters like you, who are now looking for a solution can make a way to train the employees or the interested candidates for computer programming to provide a training session, thus you can plant the seed and grow your computer programmer within your company or the business workplace.

Second, yes there are also second challenges, and many more also. So the second challenge is the higher salary demand of the employees or the person who is opting for a career path along with a computer programming major. Since there is a shortage of properly skilled candidates for the computer programming in the job sectors, so the fewer candidates who are opting for the career of computer programming, nowadays demanding a higher salary, and it seems quite difficult for companies with small business area, as well as for startups and entrepreneurs also. And it makes the companies getting less competitive in the market and thus, make less productivity. Even if they accept the proposal for the hike up salaries, they can afford not more than a computer programmer, and it will make an obstacle for the growing company on the mainstream of the sector. So to overcome the challenge, I think the company can make a way to provide the candidates or applicants those applied for the job of computer programming, a good amount of opportunities to grow in their career paths within the company along with much more benefits to maintain their work-life balance so they can opt to work by their passion, not to get the higher salary ranges.

Third, the third and more daring challenge to overcome is to make a remarkable position in the competitive recruitment market. Yes, as the higher demands for the computer programmers make them feel that they have a lot of options to go and they are more demanding. So they demand more benefits and opportunities to get from their workplace, and thus the big companies show that they can afford, they get the best fit right tech talents for the role of computer programming. Thus, the company with small business areas or the growing companies or startups can not afford the tech talents for the role of computer programmers as they could not afford the higher demands for them. To overcome this hardest challenge the companies should make an attractive brand image to attract the talents and to make a remarkable place in the competitive market of recruitment. So the talents get attracted to the company themselves, and will not demand more to make the situation of the companies miserable for affording a computer programmer.

Fourth, the fourth challenge can be overcome easily by providing some flexibility to the existing computer programmers. As the millennial era is ruling everywhere, the rising of remote employees and the remote working is increasing. For computer programmers also. The main benefits they demand flexibility. As if the candidate is right skilled and the best fit for your company and also not much demanding for the role of a computer programmer, and then you think to hire the candidate for your company, but the only demand he is hoping to get the flexibility to work remotely or to get the flexible hours for working. Now you put yourself in a good problem whether to hire this tech talent or switch again for someone else. In this case, you will lose the best candidate and make yourself a backdated company to others if you reject the candidate for this. So to overcome this challenge, I think you should opt-out to provide some more flexibility to the candidate, by collaborating this remote employee to your existing computer programmers, and best of it you can hire the candidate for a contract job.

Last but not least, the less work-life balance of the existing employees who are professionally computer programmers of a company or an industry. As like being a computer programmer, the companies also demand more productivity from them, and thus they have to make them updated with the latest technologies and knowledge regarding computer programming and coding. The computer programmers have to deal with large amounts of work to maintain the updating workflow of the company. And it is more tiring for the computer programmers to move out their minds from the work, as they have to constantly manipulate their minds to update their workflow to fill the gap of their knowledge if any and to deliver huge productivity as for the company’s demands. So they have to always optimize their vision and mindsets to upgrade themselves for the betterment in their career phase to get the maximum opportunities, and hence, in the end, it will make their work-life balance miserable and provide them less personal time and more working time. This is also the main reason many people do not opt for the computer programming major, as they face such hard to cope up with their work-life balance. To overcome this challenge the company can make a way to provide more opportunities to their computer programmers to maintain their work-life balance. Even, they can move forward to recruit more candidates for this role, if the candidates also look at the work culture and find it more pleasant they will join the company certainly.

These are some possible challenges for hiring purposes of a computer programmer to any industries other than IT. And as a recruiter, if you are recruiting computer programmers in a wrong way then you have already wasted enough of your time as the hiring process itself is so time-consuming. So to overcome these challenges the recruiters should have to make certain recruitment strategies and to provide certain opportunities or benefits to the candidates who have applied or looking for the role of a computer programmer. 

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