Social Media or Job Portals – Where You Should Invest More?

In today’s tough recruiting market, sourcing potential candidates for a vacant job role is the hardest challenge every recruiter facing now. Even after exhausting your whole database, and surfing through thousands of resumes, you may not have found the right fit candidate for your company culture and your desired job role. In this hyper-competitive market, sometimes the best candidates may not apply always, so you and your recruiting team have to go out and find the potential candidates for your desired job role. But even if you go out, you may found some candidates who are currently not looking for a job or maybe not so interested in the job role that you have opened for. In this case, you have to make such strategies to become the magnet to attract the talent pool for your job roles.

Besides considering the offline candidate sourcing tactics, for example, the employee referrals, job fairs, and the internship programs, as an HR you should take advantage of the online recruiting and candidate sourcing tools. As many of the people nowadays are active on the internet, and social media is the platform where every person shares their thoughts and interacts with each other. Besides this, you will also get many online candidate sourcing tools available on the internet like the online job portals, where you can find the resumes of numerous candidate and they will also be able to view your job board. But before investing in these you should find out which will be the better platform to invest more for attracting the talent pool.

How does Social Media help you in candidate sourcing?


Nowadays social media is the biggest platform for every individual to interact with each other. In their free time, almost every individual comes to their social media accounts, and shares their thoughts or communicates with their friends. And now it became a major candidate resourcing platform. It is all about finding the quality candidates with the potentialities to be the best fit for the job role and the right fit for the company culture. Social media recruiting has become a great tactic for every recruiter out of the world, as they can get huge talent pools easily from here. In social media, you will find both active and passive candidates. Active candidates are the ones who are currently looking for a job and the passive candidates are the individuals who are not currently looking for a job but available for a good position. In social media recruitment, you have to just make a creative and attractive business account for your company, and then you can easily attract the candidate’s eyes by creating some eye-catching posts, maybe some blog contents, or some videos that clearly relate with the vision of your company. You can show off your employer brand there in the social media as by sharing some photos with your employees, also, you can make posts that are related to your employees and then you can get a massive talent pool, engaged with your company even when you don’t have any vacancies.
Among all social media channels, Facebook and Instagram are the largest platforms. The maximum of the population prefers these two platforms to interact with the world, so you can easily attract their eyes and engage with them by sharing an attractive picture of your company associating some quotes on it, with good captions and your company logo. Simply you can post a job description by saying that ‘you are hiring’ on Facebook, and also, there are lots of strategies you can make for social media recruitment. Even research shows that 98% of recruiters use LinkedIn, as this is the broadest social media platform to find quality candidates and their resumes. Social media is also a great platform to source more younger candidates, thus you will get fresh talents with more knowledge of updated technologies.

How does Job Portals help you in candidate sourcing?


Job portals are the online job boards where you will be able to post about your vacant job roles in your company. You will also find candidates’ resumes in the portal, from where you can find the potential one for your work culture. This is the basic integral part of recruiting, every recruiter does at the beginning of their hiring process. These job portals are usually used to get highly qualified candidates with relatively low or no cost. To post about a job role you first need to search for the niche job boards which will go for your job vacancy, then you have to create an attractive and effective job description by showing off your employer brand. And then you will search for the candidate’s resume by matching with your job description. The active candidates are always there on the job portals looking for the right job vacancy. So with the job portals, you will only be able to attract the active candidates.

The above passages show you the usefulness for both the Social Media Recruitment and recruitment via Job Portals. Both of these tools have gotten popular since the millennials and generation Z workers have joined the workforce. To find the best potential candidates for your job vacancy, I would recommend you to use both the social media channels and the job portals. But if you have such a situation where you want to invest in one of them and are stuck on this point which could be the better platform for candidate sourcing then I can personally suggest you, that social media will be the greatest platform for candidate sourcing. As you can get access to both of the active and passive candidates from social media, which you can not get in the job portals. Also, you will easily get access to the recently passed out students on social media, who may still not be active on the job portals. So if you ask me where to invest more, I will definitely recommend you to invest in social media recruiting.

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