Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Tech Recruitment Part 1

Speaking of AI or Artificial Intelligence we all know about it a little or more. But what makes it so important for tech recruitment purpose and what does this tool do for tech recruitment?

As the numbers of the companies increases with time, there are the candidates also increasing in numbers. It makes the recruitment process tougher and tougher, which tends to be a great problem in tech fields. As a solution to this problem, Artificial Intelligence has come up. It is an emerging category of HR technology as it’s recruiting process is updated rather than the traditional process. It helps HR teams to recruit candidates with a faster recruitment process along with the reduced time. Artificial Intelligence is expertise in screening the candidate’s resumes, sourcing candidates from the huge talent pool, and shortlisting some best candidates for the interview in a faster way. So the tech recruiters need this machinery support to resolve the recruitment problems.

So what does the tool do for tech recruitment?


Artificial Intelligence helps the company to recruit the best tech talents by making the overall process faster with more efficiency and also it reduces the selection bias. By using Artificial Intelligence the older, traditional hiring process can be upgraded scientifically.

Proficient Hiring: 

The traditional hiring process gives the recruiters a lot of pressure to select the right candidate for their desired job profile. By using Artificial Intelligence the hiring process has been made faster and smarter. The Artificial Intelligence screens the candidate’s resumes by going through those and then select the best-fit candidates for the job profile. Even the digital interview can be taken place by Artificial Intelligence just by setting the direction correctly, and it will do its work automatically. This tool captures both the qualitative and quantitative data from a candidate during their online interview schedule.

More Time Saving: 

By making the candidate’s resumes screening, and also by the other recruitment tasks like searching for the candidate in social sites, making a thorough research about the candidate’s skills, the Artificial Intelligence can save the time of the hiring managers, so they can focus on the human side of things for the hiring process which can be done by a human only.

More Practical Way of Thinking:

Artificial Intelligence can process its work in a more practical way like a human being. For example, an artificial intelligence called “Mya” can place an interview with the candidate and also follow up with them by contacting them constantly before the hiring. It also tests the interest of the candidate in a particular job role.

More Blind Hiring:

For tech recruitment, the hiring process should be blind and irrespective of any biases. Using Artificial Intelligence for recruiting purposes the hiring will be unbiased. As it selects candidates irrespective of their gender, age, and race.

More Efficiency:

The tech companies use artificial intelligence to screen the resume of the candidates, to select the best-fit candidates and to shortlist the resumes of the candidates for the interview and as well as to schedule the interview. All of these actions show the efficiency of the company to the candidates. And the candidate will get a good experience from the company.

Social Media Research:

Before deciding for hiring a candidate the Artificial Intelligence search for the candidate on social media platforms. A robot can search for a candidate’s every step in social media sites, for example, any good/bad actions, misconception, misstep, etc.

In the above passage, I have shown the usefulness of AI or Artificial Intelligence in tech recruitment. Every tech company should start to adopt this technology, as it will be the most useful tool for tech recruitment shortly.

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