Role of Artificial Intelligence in Face to Face Interview

We humans, are getting more digitized through the times and constantly updating ourselves to make progress with the help of updating technologies in our daily lives. Like, first we do not know what Artificial Intelligence is, and how to apply it to our lives, but now all around are getting used by Artificial Intelligence. We know why we need this technology in our lives, and hence we are greeting the Artificial Intelligence to take over the world and to make our lives more simple and better. Artificial Intelligence is nothing like huge rocket science, it is just a computer-based system that is able to perform any possible task with the help of intelligence as similar to human’s natural intelligence.

Okay, so for the previous part, yes we are greeting this Artificial Intelligence to take over our lives. We all have knowledge about the two popularly used Artificial Intelligence applications in our homes. One is Siri, that helps us to find an answer regarding any questions and another is Alexa, which almost takes over all the household part of our lives. Like these two, there are many Artificial Intelligence platforms (such as Arya AI, H2O AI, Ideal AI, etc.) that are making certain updates and also some improvements across the business and industries over the World. One of the major uses of Artificial Intelligence is to reduce the workload from the recruiters and the hiring managers by helping them by performing certain hiring tasks from screening the candidate’s resume to scheduling interviews and thus, making the recruitment process easier and faster.

Using Artificial Intelligence, conducting a virtual interview or a video interview is easy and efficient, but not every candidate seems to be comfortable in it. So, with the new updates in Artificial Intelligence technologies, the recruiters now can conduct a face to face interview with a candidate by using an AI robot. Even, some major companies in the USA (formerly, Cognizant, HCL, etc.) have started to use Artificial Intelligence robots in their recruitment process to conduct an actual and physical interview. Thus, this Artificial Intelligence technology is taking part in the whole recruitment process from the pre-selecting candidates by screening the resumes to make an actual face to face interview with them to get the best and right-fit candidates for the companies.

Why Use Artificial Intelligence Robots in Face to Face interview?


The major technological components behind Artificial Intelligence applications are generally Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP), along with Automated Analytics. Among these technologies, the Artificial Intelligence interview robots use Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Automated Analytics.

Formerly, the most popular Artificial Intelligence robot for conducting the interview is Tengai. It is the World’s first unbiased social Artificial Intelligence interview robot, uses the D&I (formerly Diversity and Inclusion) Software which is powered by the 15 years experience of the unbiased interviews. By using this Artificial Intelligence social robot for the face to face interview the recruiters will get benefits like,

Firstly, the name is suggesting that there will be less bias throughout the interview process. The recruitment process will get rid of the unconscious bias including any biases regarding gender, age, race or physical characteristics. This social Artificial Intelligence robot conducts blind interviews, like it does not go for anyone’s look, appearance, ethnicity as well as the age and gender into account. It just uses the automated analytics technology to make the interview analytics with the structured datasets that have been put into it. It is completely a data-driven device similar to other Artificial Intelligence platforms. By using this data-driven technology, the social AI interview robot makes objective hiring decisions.

Secondly, using the Artificial Intelligence robot in the face to face interview, the recruiters do not have to waste unnecessary energy and time to be social and kind to the candidates for making a good interaction with them, to know more about the candidate, and his/her interest in the job role. As the social robot is already social it can easily interact with the candidate and cope up with them on the interview board. Thus, the recruiters can focus on the actual interview and watch the candidates.

Thirdly, by feeding enough datasets to the Artificial Intelligence interview social robot, it can create certain questions to the candidate with dialogues. Like it can make dialogues to the candidates by using its NLP technology. Thus, it can speak to the candidates, listen to them and even show emotions to the candidates if necessary.

Fourthly, by using its D&I Software, in another term, the Diversity and Inclusion Software, it can objectify the ways to assess the soft skills of the candidates, and thus it can measure the personality traits of each candidate. As the soft skills are necessary for all the job roles, it helps the recruiters to get the candidates who are the best fit and also the cultural fit and right fit for the company or the organization.

But this brand new social AI interview robot has some limitations also. Like, it delivers the same kind of candidate experience to each candidate. And as the whole technology is human-controlled, the human touch is also needed. If you are going to fully rely on the robot, and make yourself absent in the interview room, then the candidate can think that you might not be much interested in him/her, and thus you will have chances to lose the candidates. As the data-driven robot, make sure to put enough datasets into it, with the datasets and the automated analytics technology it can make the interview analytics when interviewing each candidate at a time. If you think of skipping this analytics part and go straight to the AI part, then it will not be successful hiring. Other than, it is the best application of Artificial Intelligence to conduct a physical interview with the candidates.

The above passage shows you the usefulness of Artificial Intelligence in the hiring process by conducting face to face interviews. Before conducting an interview, the company needs to have a lot of data sets and along with the algorithms set in statistically, they have to make the interview analytics (descriptive, prescriptive and predictive), but using Artificial Intelligence, it is automated. Like the company or the businesses will get the business type analytics automatically with Artificial Intelligence. Overall, using the AI in the hiring process reduces the workloads from the recruiter’s head and speed up the whole recruitment process by 90%.

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