How can you stop employees from leaving?

Employees leaving organizations is a situation faced by many leaders in their respective fields. In private firms, small or big, people switch from one company to another in search of a better pay scale or equivalent benefits.

When a candidate makes a switch, it is both easy and challenging in its own way. But the side that gets affected the most is the organization that a candidate leaves.

When an employee leaves for any reason, with or without serving the notice period, saying that it does not affect the rest of the team would be a lie. When someone leaves a company, it does affect the team in a way that it also leads other existing employees to rethink their tenure with the company. 

They start to notice the adverse side of the company and start their search for better opportunities.

So what should a company or a recruiter or a team leader do to prevent this fallout?

Ability to Listen, Analysis and Apply

When an employee decides to leave, conduct an exit interview just like you would do when you take an interview when you are ready to welcome in a new candidate. Taking an exit interview would help you understand the reasons behind the employee’s leaving decision. 

You might get to know some of the bad experiences they had while working in your company, or they might have some strong recommendations/suggestions to share which might help you improve the work environment.

Do take note of the discussion and findings and analyze them to see if the claims are on real grounds or not. This analysis can be done by engaging with the existing team members through surveys or polls or a heart-to-heart discussion.

And when the issues are clear to you, just work to solve them. Always remember, if a problem is known, it is easy to solve.

This way, you can benefit from this adverse situation. The exit interview is sure to be a good example of a blessing in disguise.

Team Communication

Team communication has always been important, but in this case, it becomes a bit more important. 

A heart-to-heart communication with people you are working with on a daily basis can prevent fallout. Frequent discussions with team members, while they are working with you, is something every company must conduct. Addressing their concerns, solving them if they are solvable. Remember, communication builds connections. 

Personal Growth

Do you want your company to grow? Great! But are you doing enough to develop your employee’s skills and help them blossom? If not, then the company’s growth is highly questionable!

Companies are indeed separate entities but do keep in mind that these separate entities are by the people, from the people and for the people. 

Honing the skills of your employees is a factor I cannot stop stressing about. If there are no such arrangements available for your people to learn and develop, then go do the arrangements and get it started. 

Companies look for loyalty. A natural sense of gratitude and thankfulness comes genuinely from the places a person gets to learn which shapes their life. Do you want people to stay with you? Earn their loyalty.


It’s on you if you choose to reward excellence or not, but you must reward efforts. If an employee works on a task for the first time, and they give their best and get the work done. As a team leader, one must acknowledge the efforts. This builds up confidence in the employee as well as builds connection.


In corporate world, people try to appear as strict as possible to maintain professionalism but never forget at the end of it. You and your colleagues are human with flesh and blood unless your colleagues are robots or machines. 

There is a lot going on in a person’s life and Covid is another unwanted addition to that lot. We are more vulnerable now than before. All we need is to understand one another. Be there for your people and you will find your people are there for you too.

Appropriate Hiring

Last but not least is to hire the right mindset. Hire people who are willing to stay with you for a long term devoting their time and energy. Who resonates with your companies visions. Skilled employees are definitely important but having a like-minded person working along with you is way more important. You can avoid hiring candidates who have a frequent habit of switching jobs.

I would now conclude this article by saying that having good intentions and constant efforts to making the work environment better would help you prevent the fallout of your team.

Thank you for giving your time to this blog. If you have found it useful please do share it with your people.


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