Skill Testing is Necessary to Hire A Good Employee

For every hiring process, a good candidate is recognized by their grades or educational performances. But is it worth to hire an employee only based on their grades?

When a candidate comes for the interview the educational qualification is the most highlighted area of his/her resume, and that often confuses the recruiters as they more prioritize the grades for hiring, rather than testing the skills. But this will not be a good hire if it is only based on the grades.

Educational degree is always necessary for every candidate but tech recruitment, it is more practical than theoretical. Like the candidate should possess some technical skills. Candidates with lots of theoretical knowledge along with lots of marks but having fewer skill sets can not be a good employee for a company. Tech recruitment nowadays becomes tougher and tougher, it makes the job hunting for the candidates very aggressive. In this situation, if a candidate has much more technical skills then he will be in good demand to be recruited. The recruiters only need to search for the candidate with the right skill sets for their desired job profiles. Demands of the technical skills for tech recruitment purposes are increasing day by day as the computers and other machines becoming easier for us to use, and hence make the new technologies more complex. Also, the technical skills make an employee more efficient and more confident in their workplace which will be very beneficial for a tech company.

Now we can see that a candidate holding good grades possesses some technical skills like Computer Programming, Application Development, Web Development, Project Management, etc. which are the most demanding skills every recruiter wants to be present in their employees. But these are the hard skills and they can be defined or measured. One can obtain these hard skills not only by the formal education but also form the self-learning activities, as well as from any job training or internships, or by attending some online classes or seminars, or also simply observing the work of an expert.

Lists of Some Major Technical Skills, that Recruiters Should Check for Any Tech Hiring:


There are some in-demand technical skills that all the tech recruiters need to check among the candidates before hiring them for full time or offering them any kind of contractual work. These skills are:

Programming and Coding: As digital technology is becoming a major part of our lives the demand for employees with coding skills are getting increased. The programming and coding are nowadays a basic skill that is needed for every IT staff, not only for the developers but also for the project managers and the customer service team too.

Project Management: This is also a very basic skill for tech hiring. The project managers can deliver every project with efficiency by delegating the project work to good team members and use very cost-efficient resources which saves a lot of resources for a tech company.

Data Analysis: Data analysis is a basic and demandable skill for every tech recruitment. A data analyst of a tech company handles the way to use the data and the place to use data for the company, and also which of the data is to be shared or marketed or keep privately.

Information Security: Working with the data of the company can make any breaching or loss of data without proper security, and thus makes a good loss of the company’s resources. Even it can cause irreparable damage to the company brand. For this purpose information security skilling is also needed. 

Design: Designing skills is must be needed for tech recruitment. As web design purposes some designing skills like HTML, CSS or JavaScript are necessary to know.

Writing: Writing skills are nowadays a basic skill that every recruiting company needs, not solely the tech company. This skill is necessary to create a good content piece and also for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes.

These hard skills are much easier skills to be learned or acquired, rather than that of the abstract soft skills which are also known as interpersonal skills. The soft skills can not be learned or gained by any training or learning. The soft skills are inherent skills that relate to an individual’s character or personality. Some soft skills are also necessary for hiring good tech talent, viz., good communication, patience, creativity, flexibility, leadership, negotiation, determination, presentation, logical thinking, memory, multitasking, goal orientation, coordination, etc. that help the employee to connect with the customers as well to interact with the other employees in the workplace.  Every tech recruiting company wants its employees to be expertise with both the demonstrable technical skills and good customer service skills. So before hiring a tech employee, the recruiters should be aware of both the skills of the candidates. As the technical skills show the amount of qualification or ambition the candidate has but the soft skills show how much effort has the candidate invested for his/her personal as well as professional development. Though the technical skills are the ideal lists of skills that shine the abilities of the candidate every tech organization needs some fresh thinkers.

Both the Hard and Soft Skills Help A Tech Employee to:


– Work confidently, and compete with other employees. As the employee should be able to work hard by his/her technical skills as well he can manage any situation or a task with the efficiency that can make the employee undefeatable.

– Increase their work values with both the skills. The tasks provided to the employee will be handled easily and the company can be valued for this employee. 

– Work in a very smart way with a faster time. With the help of both skills, the work handling and the problem-solving task will be more cost and time-efficient. It will be more beneficial for tech companies.

– Create an empowered workplace in the company. As the days have gone by empowering an employee only specialized in technical skills. Now it is time to utilize both the skills, as customer satisfaction is also an important part of every tech service. 

So the recruiters should look for potential and good employee with the combination of soft skills along with the hard skills. These will help the employee to complete many tasks in a very efficient and faster way. Because in the end the customer service or customer satisfaction is the most important part of every tech company or organization.

The above passages show you how practical knowledge and skills are more important than the theoretical knowledge of tech recruitment. It is also showing that recruiting based on technical skills will not be good hiring. Both skills are required to hire a good employee. Now at the end education or the degree qualifications are important as it makes the main foundation, but to work in reality the practical knowledge is always more important. So a recruiter should go for the practical knowledge or skills of a candidate first when interviewing them. If these have pleased them already then I think they should not more consider the higher or lower grades.

Thank you, readers. I hope this article will help every tech recruiters to hire good tech talent for their companies. If you have enjoyed the article then let me know by commenting below. And also do not forget to share it with your friend.


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