#3 Major Reasons Why Work from Home is the Future

Despite large companies such as Yahoo, Bank of America, and IBM, among others, recalling their employees back to the workplace, the trend of working from home is definitely on the rise. Employers face significant challenges when employees work from home.

Some top employers have noticed a downward spiral in employee productivity. Because the system allows for flexible hours, there is no way to determine how many hours an employee has spent working from home. Nonetheless, data from various sources clearly indicates that working from home is a trend that will continue to grow in the future.

Working from home and the future

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. We are not the only ones who have noticed this trend. Working from home is the future of employment, income, and wealth generation, according to statistics from Europe and Asia’s developing economies.

Reason #1: no more long commutes

According to a 2016 study by the auto insurance center (AIC), the average commuter spends 42 hours per week in traffic jams, which is significantly more than work hours. According to the findings of the US Census Bureau in, American employees wasted a total of 3.4 million years calculated in man-hours on commutes.

Long commutes cause stress, which reduces employee productivity. Gasoline waste at a time when the world is fighting global warming is blasphemy. Given these circumstances, many businesses will encourage telecommuting jobs or hire freelancers.

Reason #2: employee productivity

According to a 2017 study by Canada Life, remote employees had a productivity level of 7.7 on a scale of 10, while office-bound employees had a productivity level of 6.5. According to the study, there are three main reasons why home-based workers outperform their office-based counterparts in terms of productivity.

Home-based workers, understandably, had lower stress levels because they did not have to commute every day. The elimination of commuting allows for more relaxed lifestyles, resulting in a higher quality of life. Second, working from home eliminates the need for employees to dress in formal, office attire, which saves time that would otherwise be spent preparing for the day’s work.

Reason #3: attracting better talent.

Companies are having a harder time attracting excellent talent as competition in all sectors of the industry grows. Highly qualified and skilled personnel are typically averse to relocating. Hiring locally can be difficult if a specific set of skills required by an organization is not available.

Companies can attract better talent in this scenario by offering remote or work-from-home positions. Organizations can source talent from any remote location within or outside the country thanks to remote working.

Additionally, employers save on relocation costs that would otherwise be incurred in bringing an employee to their location, as well as perks that are typically associated with high-skilled staff moving from their hometown. Remote working, also known as telecommuting, eliminates the need for highly skilled employees to adjust to a new workplace and geographic location.

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