How Start-Ups Attract the Top Tech Talent

If you are already here, you probably own a start-up or you’re owning your own start-up. How does it feel?  A little tense right and I guess that’s because you are unsure about how you will find the right people in your team. If you do not have skilled hands, on your work floor, your recent investments can have a major setback. Whether it be a data security company or a website developing company, you always need highly skilled professionals, especially for a start-up. And that’s because larger companies can still make up for any minute loss but for a start-up, even a minute loss can cost a lot. 

The best players in technology are already working in larger companies or are looking for something more. Moreover, the tech industry is already suffering from a tech talent shortage. Thus, it is more difficult for start-ups to find top tech talent as they lack brand value and a successful reputation. But with the help of certain hacks even you can compete with larger companies and attract top tech talent. How to go about it?

Being the owner of a tech start-up, the best perk that you have at hand is offering your employees to stay and grow with and within your company. You either will want them to partner up with your company or you want to offer them stock options. This is a good thing because big companies do not offer stock offers to employees that easily. So, here you have the upper hand. You can offer stock and equity options in the offer letter and it is likely that most candidates that come for the interview will want to work for you.

Remote based employees are better for start-ups because you won’t need to give them working spaces especially if you are on a digital platform initially. One more advantage is that remote employees hardly reject any good job approaches as recruiters are still quite biased against remote-based employees. I have spoken largely on Hiring Remote Tech Employees in another article, and also mentioned the sites where you can source remote employees. Here, you will find that not only are remote employees good for covering your tech talent shortage, they are good for the overall well-being of any start-up as remote-based employment includes cost-efficiency and many key factors.

Employer branding plays a big role in attracting quality tech candidates because every employee likes to be associated with a company that has quite a name in the industry. Moreover, it helps the candidates understand what kind of company they will be working in and creating a positive impression before they appear for screening, is essential. As a start-up, it may be difficult to have a good reputation because very few people know about your company. In order to create a valuable employer brand, you have to make your presence felt on social media and reach more people. A good career page, a blog, company or job-related videos, and interesting posts should do the trick. 

The usual 9-5 jobs with pin-drop-silence, with partitions, is out-of-date at the moment and the best part about the company culture in a start-up is that you can establish new changes from the beginning. If you have just started a company you already have a lot of innovative ideas about how you will want to make your company a fun place to work in. Since your employees will spend one-third of their lives in an office environment, you can make the required changes in your company culture. This will not only uplift your employer branding, it will also affect in attracting and retaining employees. As a start-up you cannot afford to lose a valuable tech talent, so brainstorm on innovative ideas to create a more positive work culture.

If you want to build a strong talent pipeline the best way to do that is to partner up with top-notch universities from where you can source fresh graduates. This is a good learning opportunity because being a start-up owner, even you need to learn through your mistakes and hiring interns from universities will help you become the ideal leader as both the employee and the employer will be in the process of learning. Furthermore, it saves you from re-training experienced candidates because training fresh minds is easier. Their freshness and curiosity to learn and grow with the company will help you in the long run. Also, you will have a good brand value within the university.  

Since you will be working for almost the whole day for your start-up because start-ups always need more work to be done but never expect the same from any of your tech talent however good employees they be. You need to give them the opportunity to have a perfect work-life balance otherwise they will have better opportunities at hand. 

When you have a start-up, you have more room to think about the future and how your employees can be retained in the company. Nothing is more lucrative than motivating a mission-driven candidate and telling them during the sourcing that they can grow in the company and have important positions to fill in at a stage of their tenure in your company. Once they start working you will notice the kind of goal and enthusiasm they work with because you have already set up a goal for them to reach. But make sure you do fulfill the promises you made because losing valuable employees is not an option for a start-up. 

If you are in search of experienced tech talent, you will find that most of the candidates are either active candidates or passive candidates. In this case, you need to be well prepared with compensation packages and perks that their companies are not offering. Find out what perks are missing in their existing companies and list the ones that do not drain your pocket excessively, yet serve as good perks. Also you cannot ignore the market rate just because you are a start-up. You need to remember that you are competing with top-notch tech companies and since tech talent is always high in demand, you may even need to heighten the salary from the market rate. This will be useful in the long run as it will increase your employer branding and reputation. You can consider this as a marketing strategy to let people discuss more about your company.

Not everyone will want to work for a start-up but there are people who are interested in working for start-ups. So, how do you source them? There are various sites like Angel List and Skillgigs that cater top tech talent to start-ups and make it super easy for the candidates to find ideal start-ups as well. You should go ahead and give them a try.

ESS uses complicated algorithms to detect HR related issues as well as solve them within an instant. ESS such as TinyPluse, Clarity Wave and CultureAmp,  helps in creating graphical representation of employee’s job satisfaction within the company and this helps in assessing the changes required in employee experience. ESS helps you in fulfilling your promises to your employees and stand out as a good employer. In order to attract the right talent you should employ ESS and even mention the use of the software in your job postings. This will enhance your chances of creating a positive impression about your start-up to the tech candidates and it will show that you care about the well-being of your employees.

I hope the article has been highly informative and has given you an idea about how to attract the best tech talent in the industry for your start-up. Like and share and if you liked the article, share your valuable feedback!

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