Mistakes Tech Recruiters should avoid in Social Media

We are well aware that social platforms are one of the most important tools for recruiting your ideal candidates. Not only does it allow you to recruit your potential tech talent, it also allows you to attract tech talent and even increase your company’s employer brand. In short, if you are doing it correctly, you are getting new leads and new prospects into your business through various social networking sites. But in case, you are not getting any new leads from your social platforms, there may be some mistakes that you are making in social media platforms and you are not even aware of it. So, today in this article, I will tell you about the mistakes tech recruiters should avoid in social media.

There are a number of mistakes you should avoid when you are trying to attract and hire your potential tech talent from social media platforms:

1) Not being able to meet your target audience

The lead that you are waiting for may not appear when you need it. This may happen because you have not targeted your audience. By this I mean, when you are expanding your contacts and connecting with more people on social media, you have to make sure that they are your target audience. They need to be people who will be interested in what you share. If you do not have a target audience you may get unnecessary leads from irrelevant contacts. Furthermore, you will also understand what your target audience needs as their necessities will become narrower.

2) Social Media Management Issues

There are a number of management issues that you are facing and probably that is why you are not getting the desired results. The time that you will have to give for social hiring needs to be properly calculated. Because once you get into social recruiting, it can be quite addictive but time management is equally important. You need to properly execute your communication with your clients. Also, tracking the process using tools like Buffer, Hootsuite and Sprout will further help your social media management. With proper social media management, you will be able to get the best from all the social platforms you are using for recruitment.

3) Not having enough knowledge about all social platforms

With the surge of an innumerable number of social platforms, you might have accounts on various social networking sites. But do you know what kind of social media platforms are the best for your business? While fashion-related companies could invest more image-based social media platforms, tech companies need to invest more in building their employer brand on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. There are differences between all social media apps and you have to understand what it can offer you before signing up. Investing your time, money and energy on social media sites that are not applicable for you may hamper your hiring process.

4) Not interacting personally

Although it is not easy to take care of your social media accounts regularly, you should still find time to handle it personally sometimes. You can have assistants and social media managers who will look over your social recruiting, but they may not be able to interact with your potential tech talent like you would. While trying to hire your potential tech talent, your social media managers might face certain issues like not being able to provide the correct information on job postings. Furthermore, the candidates may even want to know more about your company and this is where your personal interaction with candidates plays a major role.

5) Using social media only for job postings

You should avoid thinking that social media accounts will help you in attracting and recruiting tech candidates. It is not only a recruiting tool. You can even add value to your company’s brand, and make your presence felt in popular social platforms. This would increase your reputation as a company because people will be able to interact with you personally. Moreover, this is an ideal way for start-ups and unicorn companies to stand out among the crowd because every company has a different approach to social media. While some may prefer simple job postings, some companies go further and do video recruitment as well. If one has proper knowledge of social media, other than just recruitment, the person can also think about social media marketing. This is a great way to promote your company.

6) Concentrating more on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most favorite social media platforms for recruiters. But often what recruiters do not understand is that it is one of the least favourite application. By mentioning the least favorite, I mean people do not spend much time on LinkedIn. They spend more time on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and that is where you should invest more of your ad campaigns. After all, you want to be where the crowd can engage more with your company.  Above that, LinkedIn is one of the costliest social platforms for increasing your employer branding. So definitely if you are depending more on LinkedIn, you won’t find any significant leads. 

7) Not having quality content

The main thing that can attract your tech candidates is the content that you will post online. The job postings also serve as content but there are other elements of content that you can provide quality content to your target audience. For example, you can post articles related to technology, videos related to the latest technologies that your company uses, humourous quotes and posts, images of your company with proper quotes and hashtags, etc. Good quality of content without visible errors will not only enhance your ability to attract talent, it will also show your company’s reputation and your company’s quality.

8) Not Scheduling Your Posts

The time when you post your job postings and other contents affects your target audience. Your target audience needs to be present on that social media platform when you post something. This will affect your engagement rate. It is advisable that you customize your time settings so that you post things at the right time. For example, you can easily schedule your posts on Facebook.

These mistakes can really harm your overall social recruitment process. If you are committing these mistakes you might social recruitment is not working for you. But that’s not the case right! So, if you are committing these mistakes you can easily rectify them. It will increase your leads that you are waiting for. I hope the article has been helpful. Please comment and tell me about the worst mistakes you committed on social media!

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