Agile Recruitment (Part 2) – Benefits, Tools and Conclusion

In the last article about Agile Recruitment, we have talked about what agile recruitment is and a few of the steps involved in the process. Today, in the second and final part of the topic, we will talk about the benefits of agile recruitment and the tools you need to implement it. 


Benefits of Agile recruiting


1. Speedy recruitment process 

Let’s face it. Normal recruitment processes drag on for a long time and are mentally and physically exhausting for both the recruiters and the candidates. There are instances where the recruiters lose out on suitable candidates because of these long recruitment processes. With agile recruitment, one can shorten the recruitment process by providing regular touchpoints to the candidates. 

2. Great flexibility

Agile recruiting is based on the concept of agility which means learning from quick changes and implementing what we have learnt. So by taking this approach, recruiters can adjust to any changes or requirement of the recruitment process. Such as completing the recruitment process within a given time or a deadline.

3. Recurring feedback

Feedbacks are crucial to this approach to the recruitment process. Since this process is conducted in shorter cycles, the recruiters can receive instant feedback from the hiring manager at every step. This helps them make changes on the go. So if something is going off target or if the requirements change, the recruiter can quickly change their approach or re-target candidates. 

4. Analytics

Since the process is carried out in shorter cycles, recruiters can monitor each step in the process. This helps them understand which method is providing result and which is not. So like if a candidate drops out in the middle of the recruitment process, the recruiters will know that where the fault lies and will work towards improving it. This also helps you make changes on the go.

5. Enhanced productivity

The agile method of recruiting is focused on getting the job done quickly. Using this approach the ream of recruiters can optimize their workflow to get better and effective results. If all the related parties have access to the same platform they can view the aspects of the process and work accordingly. This also improves the collaboration between them and motivates better performance.


Implementation Tools

There are various tools you can use to implement the process of agile recruitment. You have —

Kanban boards

Kanban boards have proven to be the most effective tool for this process. This helps the recruitment to divide the projects into smaller tasks so that it is easy to prioritize tasks daily and complete them in a given time. This also helps to resolve any issue. 

Gantt charts

Grant charts use bar like graphs to display tasks and projects. In the recruitment process, you can use these to track sprints and highlight the dependencies of each step and makes sure you are not going off track. You can also use this as a collaboration tool by using it as a platform where the team of recruiters can plan together and can keep track of the progress of the recruitment process.

Scrum board

Scrum board is another popular tool to implement agile in the recruitment process. It represents all the stages involved in the sprints and lets everyone visually track the work that is in process. Scrum helps you identify the fault in the early stages of recruitment and make improvement accordingly. This in turn helps save time and helps the recruiters prioritize the workload. 



Do you or do you not need to adopt this method? 

Agile recruitment is a very versatile method. I believe any company can use this method. It saves you time money and energy. Also, you can hire candidates who perfectly fit the particular job role. This also enhances the productivity of the organisation as a whole. What more do you need? You can go for it. 

On the other hand, you know your company the best and know what is best for it. Do whatever benefits your company and if you think this process helps your company in the long run, go for it!


Thank you for reading the article. I hope it was well informed. If you want any more information about job tools, feel free to contact us. Team SyaRose will be happy to help you and make your work easier. It will be our immense pleasure if you give your valuable feedback in the comment section. Please share this article with your loved ones and professional circle if you like it.

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