How to Recruit Digitally in this Pandemic?

We all want to move forward in this pandemic situation, we all want our normal lives back, but this pandemic more or less has made us so much digitally dependent. From chatting with friends to watching movies, everything is now going to be digital. The employees are working from home digitally as well to keep up the global economy running. Covid-19 opened a broad gateway to the digital world in front of us. Likewise, there are many companies that need to fill their positions urgently, they also have shifted their traditional hiring process to the next level, with the digital recruitment methods.

From advertising the job posts to communicating with candidates with a personalized message, or directly going to a video conference with them by formal dressing, companies are making everything virtually. With the Covid-19 lockdown effect in the whole world, companies are changing their ways of recruitment from traditional pen and paper to fully virtual operations. As you can not be able to be present in your office, it does not stop hiring for the essential job posts. So, first, let’s have a look at the Digital Recruitment and how you can simply use the digital Recruitment methods for hiring.

What is Digital Recruitment?


Digital recruitment is a method of hiring a candidate remotely for a must needed vacant position in a company. Though full-time remote work will be more challenging for the companies, in today’s situation, this will be the most beneficial part. As a definition Digital Recruitment is the process of using technology to source, attract, find, assess, select, and hire candidates. Digital recruitment includes job advertisements through online job portals or job boards, career websites, mobile recruiting, skill-testing via online assessment, recruitment through social media, and virtual interview.

How to Recruit Digitally in this Pandemic?


For successfully using this, you first have to ensure if your recruiting team is ready to use the whole digital recruitment process and pull enough talent pool for the company to keep the candidate pipeline running smoothly. As you know in this pandemic, there is much less market competition for the talent hunt, also the young talents are not jumping from jobs to jobs, as they are also concerned about their future, you should encourage your recruiting team to get ready and use this opportunity to reach out to those talents and build a stronger talent pool for your company, and also, you have to ensure that everyone in your team has sufficient equipment as well as reporting channels to conduct the recruitment methods so that everyone can get up to date about every update. Below are the steps for conducting digital recruitment,

First, create a job post with full and detailed information, required qualification, and post it on the online job portals, on the career page of your company website, online job boards as well as on all the social media channels of your company. Tell your recruiting team to share the job post on their social media channels too. And then wait for the candidates. Both active and passive candidates roam around social media to get a good job under a good company. You just have to make the job posts to reach out to them. Make sure that all the landing pages of your websites and the platforms where you posted about your job vacancy are mobile-friendly, as almost 75% of candidates are browsing through their mobile phones.

Second, your job descriptions should be more attractive and detailed in short, which will attract the candidates to look at your job posts, and also it will take less time and it will be short and detailed. Also, keep in mind to shorten the job application form, so that it will be easier for you as well for the candidates to fill out the detailing forms and upload their resumes there on your website.

Third, shortlist the applicants’ resumes by matching them with the criteria of the ideal candidate for your job posts, and then streamline the applicants. It will provide a very good impression on the applicants if you make regular contact with them, in this situation. Maybe a short email with their first name with the information on their application status will leave a good candidate experience on your applicants.

Fourth, schedule a video test for the candidates like sending a video recorded with your questions and according to your questions, they will answer you. If you find the candidates useful, then test their practical skills by conducting an online assessment. After everything, narrow the pipeline for shortlisting the best candidates for your desired vacant roles. And finally, schedule an online virtual interview and face your candidates for the first time. There are now so many online video conference platforms on the internet, you can use one of them to conduct the interview.

Fifth, bring all the members of your recruiting team together to make the final hiring decisions, you can divide specific parts of the recruitment process to specific team members, or you can do it all by yourself with their collaboration. After your final decision, contact the finally selected candidates and provide them the opportunity and flexibility to work from their homes until the pandemic gets normal. Do not forget to introduce your newly hired employees with your other team members with a virtual meeting, as well as do not forget to welcome them with a short email or a Slack message. Also, offer a virtual tour of your workplace on the 1st day of their joining or present a virtual presentation for them by introducing all the members of the company and job roles.

Sixth, after this pandemic, let your employees work on their flexible hours and balance their personal and professional lives, as the happy employees make a happy working team with greater productivity. And ultimately your productivity and strong talent pool will help you to build a stronger employer brand.

The above passages show you the methods of hiring the candidates for the urgently needed vacant roles of your company in this Covid-19 pandemic situation. In case you are not able to present in your office physically does not mean that you have to give up on the recruitment part. There are many more ways to hire digitally, you have to be sure that you are having a strong internet connection and all the required materials that you need to hire a candidate normally. It is super easy, everything will be the same, just the medium will be changed, from pen and paper to an online network, from formal interviews to a virtual online video interview. Our present lives and everything is still the same the way we were living before this situation, just it became more digitalized.

Thank you for reading the full article with full patience. Share the article with your friends and colleagues if you find it helpful, and do not forget to comment below and share your thought regarding the article. And yes, if you have something in your mind that you think is missing here or should be added up in this article, please let me know in the comment box. For conducting a digital recruitment method in the hiring process of your company, please contact us. We in the SyaRose, are always ready to help here. Thank you, stay safe everyone.

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