Recruitment Strategies to Try In 2020

Firstly, wishing you a very Happy New Year to all readers. Entering into the new year is all about the exciting but for the tech recruiters, it is another year to search more talents from the open market and attract them towards their recruiting companies, as the tech talent shortage is increasing through the years. Thus, the recruiters should set some recruitment strategies regarding the must want benefits and features, that the candidates wish to have in their workplace.

Maintaining a good relationship with the candidates is a way to hold a top position in the tech recruitment market competition, which will also be beneficial for the recruiting tech companies, in a way to get more valuable clients and to be more productive throughout the year.

Tech recruiters are facing a talent shortage or the candidate crisis in the open recruiting market. For that, the competition to get and hold on the high-quality and best fit tech talent is increasing. To make a place at a top position in this competition, the recruiting companies should choose some recruitment strategies based on the candidate benefits or requirements.

Here are some benefits that candidates are looking for that can be converted to the recruitment strategies to get easy access to the high quality of tech talents:


Provide a good candidate experience when interviewing. When the candidates come to your company for the interview purposes, make a good impact on the candidate about the company and the employer brand, etc. Define clearly about your company, and also about the job role. Thus the candidates will not be able to reject the job offer as well as he/she will share the experience having in your company on social media or any open platform, which will further help you to get more tech talents. Do not forget to give feedback to your candidate as they will appreciate you when you make regular contact with them regarding the job role.

Offer flexible hours to your candidate. The candidates desire to be flexible by themselves while working and to get better and flexible hours working options in their workplace. Maintaining flexible hours in your company not only attract the millennials but also it will attract the candidates from Generation Z and the other older generation too. Offer your candidates flexible options like working from home, flexible working shifts, as well as flexible task distribution, etc. Maintaining flexible hours as a recruitment strategy not only helps the candidates to get the job satisfaction, better work-life balance, less stress; but also it will help the company to be more productive throughout the year, and the candidate also will not reject a job offer from a company like this.

Security sensing and providing job security is a must recruitment strategy to try. The employer should offer the employees some long term financial benefits regarding health insurance, monthly pension after retirement, and also the travel facilities. No candidate will reject a job with more security and financial benefits. Also by providing job security does not mean that the recruiting company only wants to attract and retain candidates in the workplace, but also provides them the best possible workforce to work with.

Help the employees to maintain a better work-life balance. Before accepting the job letter, the candidates would like to observe the existing employees of the company get to know about the work environment of the recruiting company. So helping the existing employees to balance between their work and life is a must recruitment strategy to try on. By applying this strategy, attracting and retaining candidates will be much easier and smoother. You can offer the employees certain leaves like annual leave for a birthday, parental leave, etc. to make a healthy balance between the work and the personal life of the employees. As research shows that, stressed employees spend more health-related expenses than the employees with less work stress. A candidate will never say no to a company that helps him/her to balance well in between their work and life.

Create a great work environment that every candidate would love to work in. This recruitment strategy will be beneficial for the employees as well as the candidates of all age groups. When making lists of recruitment strategies enlist this as a top prioritized strategy in your bucket list. A better workplace with a great work environment can even attract a candidate under 45 years, as well as the young generations also. A candidate can easily get attracted to your company’s work environment by observing your existing employees and by knowing about their work experiences. So learn first what your existing employees value most. Make certain internal surveys or leave a suggestion box in the table of each employee, so you can make improvements to the work environment of your company.

Use artificial intelligence for recruitment. Use Artificial Intelligence for recruitment purposes to save energy and cost of the employees to recruit manually. It will also show the candidates that the recruiting company will hold a place to be more technologically updated. No candidates will reject a job offer from a tech company that is technologically updated.

Provide some other benefits regarding health and well-being. Organize fit events and office sports to create an active work culture for your company. This will also attract tech talents as well as retaining the existing employees will be smoother.

Tech recruitment does not like a war, but it is a competition nowadays to be more updated with digitization and technologies along with transparency and flexibility. Stepping into 2020, it is more like you do not have to search for the candidates, the candidates will search for you and choose you. The above-written recruitment strategies will help you to get more tech talents in your companies.

Thank you, readers, hope you all are having a great day in this new year. I hope my article will help you. If you find the article helpful, then please let me know by commenting below. Also do not forget to share this with your friends and colleagues. If you think anything has gone missing in this article, you can suggest that by commenting below in the comment box. Wishing you a very Happy New Year 2020.

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