Role of Social Media in Remote Works

It is not that long that we used to go to the office and work with our colleagues. That was the normal lives we used to live until the Global pandemic hit us with its wave. It changed everything, our personal as well as social and work lives. Now we can’t go out of our house like we used to go out previously. We can’t even see our closed ones apart from the other side of the screen, we can’t face them in-person like the previous times. And we are being habituated with this new normal, just like going with the flow. To cope up with this pandemic, we made ourselves active in our homes. To run the businesses, we started working from home and made remote working a new trend in the working population. These remote working options were there from the very first in our lives, but we seem to neglect it as we thought that it is not necessary, and the irony is, this is the only option now we have to keep the things running and preparing ourselves for the post-pandemic world.

Though the lockdown has been much lighter than before, the maximum of the organizations keeps asking their employees to work from their homes for safety purposes. They are hiring more remote employees nowadays, but things are pretty difficult while working remotely. Say, for example, communication. It is much difficult to communicate with each other while working from different locations. But Social Media helps in this case, as this is the largest used platform for connecting people. Undoubtedly, it has a big impact on our lives, but we can’t generally get to the fact that social media can help us in our work lives. And when it comes to remote working, apart from the connecting people, social media shows something more. Let’s see what are the options that Social Media can open while working remotely in this pandemic.

Role of Social Media in Remote Works


As I previously said, social media is the biggest platform in connecting people, and for this feature, it has a great impact on our lives. Even in the busier days, we find ourselves scrolling our social media accounts for at least an hour. And it is not that only to share our daily lives with the online world, the major part for being fond of social media is, it allows us to stay updated with the latest news and updates by investing a few amounts of effort and time. But in this pandemic timeline, we get to know our previously known social media in some different ways. To connect people in this lockdown, all the social media platforms have integrated some features that allow us to stay connected, and play an important part in the remote working. Below I am depicting some common ways social media are helping in remote working,

The major role is Connectivity, Social Media connects people.

When you are stuck in your house for months, only allowed to go out from your home to purchase necessary items, and working from home to keep your workplace updated, you may feel bored as well as frustrated. Besides, some tasks may need a partner’s help. Working from different places is restricting face to face connection between you. In this case, seek help from social media. Go for a private conversation with one of your colleagues, instead of asking for his/her favor directly in the office group chats. You may go for a video call as well and share your screens. Besides the social media activity improves the connectivity with the organization, like by sharing posts and images in social media, saying that you are feeling good to be a part of a company that lets you work from your home in this pandemic. This will improve your engagement with your organization, along with increasing the reputation of your organization as well.

Using Social Media between works helps to maintain Work-Life Balance.

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is necessary for every profession. A happy employee is more productive than a stressed employee. And while the maximum of the working population is working from their home, it is necessary to be as productive as possible. Using social media not only provides the latest news and updates but also gives us many ways to connect with our closed ones, i.e., friends and family members. Being connected with a close person and talking with them can reduce stress. There are lots of funny pages and memes on social media that let you loosen up and help you to reduce the workloads. And while you are working from a remote place, staying far away from your work team, and missing the office conversations, social media will help you to connect with them and let you feel the same. When you will feel less isolated, automatically you will end up being more productive. Working from home another way saves a lot of time, which the employees may use to improve their skills with the online training programs and webinars from social media accounts.

Social Media helps to find Candidates for Remote Works.

Not only for the remote workers, but social media also helps employers as well in the remote works. Besides being connected with the remote employees it helps the employers and the hiring managers to find the best-fit candidates for their organization. Using social media for candidate sourcing is nothing new, but it is the only option now to hire candidates. Research shows that social media has the more ability to source best-fit candidates than the job portals, as only the active candidates are active on the job portals, where through social media it is easier to find both the active and passive candidates for hire. Also, sourcing candidates in social media is much easier, all you have to create a job post in the most possible interesting way and post it as an advertisement, and set your preferences. When a candidate will apply, you will automatically get a notification and thus you can set a virtual interview with the candidate. After hiring, you will assign the employee in the job role and welcome them to your remote work team. Also, the candidates from this millennial generation prefer social media above all.

The above passages show you the most common ways social media can help you in remote works, it beneficiates both the employees and the employers. Apart from these, social media helps in team collaboration. Social media tools like Slack allows an organization to connect with everyone while working remotely. Also, it is the best time to utilize social media in a maximum way for the marketing part of your organization. Though it is nothing new, it is the best time to brainstorm new marketing ideas and implementing them through social media while stuck in homes.

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