Top Things to Be A Successful Recruiter

Recruiting is turning to be frustrating work, especially nowadays. Whether recruiting a tech professional or a non-tech, there is always the scarcity of the talents while the recruiters want to fill their desired job vacancies. The recruiters can not get completely satisfied when they look for attracting their ideal right fit and best-fit candidates and make their dream recruitment for their company. Every recruiter dreams of hiring a set of motivated, competitive, adaptive and flexible candidates to fill the vacant job roles in their company, who will also be a good cultural fit for their work culture. But often meeting with these dream criteria would be much more difficult, and hence the statement comes that all the recruiters are not the successful ones. So, there are numerous questions are coming, among which, the first one is who are these successful recruiters then? Okay, so let’s come and find your answer here.

What is a successful recruiter?


As a recruiter, your main work is to attract the best talents for your desired job role and recruit them to your company. But for recruiting good talents and attracting a good talent pool, you also need to be the best version of you. In that way, your work can be completed fully, and you can be a successful recruiter. 

A successful recruiter not only just performs on their daily tasks, but also s/he assures their company to constantly get the applications from the candidates and thus retaining the best talent pool in their company. Even for being a great and successful recruiter you always do not need to be from an HR background, if having proper understanding and mindset, then a person coming from the sales, marketing, coding, customer service, designing, or writing background can also be a great and successful recruiter.

What makes you a successful recruiter?


Every company is different from each other, as well as their work cultures too. Like this, every recruiter is also different, having different personalities. Some may be curious, and quick, while some may be quiet and thoughtful. Despite having different personalities all of them possess similar internal abilities which makes them be successful in their work. Below are some things and abilities which you should acquire if you want to be a successful recruiter,

You should be more dynamic in candidate sourcing.

If you think that you will post a good description of your job vacancy in the job boards, and candidates will apply to this by themselves, then you are probably living in the past. It is 2020, and at this time, only the active job seekers regularly follow the job boards. But every recruiter is almost aware of the fact that a maximum number of job seekers (at least 72% of the total job seekers population) are passive job seekers. Passive job seekers are the ones who are not currently looking for a job, but they are always ready for getting an opportunity from their desired job roles. And to stay out of the huge recruitment competition, it is a great way to attract passive job seekers to your workplace and engage with them. Thus you will never feel any talent crisis, and you can make a great talent pool also. If you can be a professional for talent sourcing, then nobody will make any obstacles to your path of being a successful recruiter. For getting engaged with more candidates, you also should not wait for a job position in your company to be vacant, instead of this, make an inbound recruitment strategy and never feel the talent crisis.

You should understand your candidate completely.

For being a great and successful recruiter, you should understand your candidate completely. Like you have to put your feet in the shoes of your candidates to walk for miles. Once you get to know the total feelings of your candidates like the requirements, wishes, hopes, tension, and fears, as well as any expectations from their employers, you can easily utilize these to attract more candidates to your workspace. How? Just note the things that can easily motivate your candidates, and turn them as a part of your employer brand. The candidates are easily attracted to a brand that deals with their motivations. Thus you will be an expert to make a strong and good relationship with the candidates and easily build a great talent pool, by being a good candidate relationship manager. And with lots of candidate engagement, you can be an expert to provide them a good candidate experience. Thus you can surely be a successful recruiter.

You should be more updated with the latest technologies.

For being a great and successful recruiter, you should be updated with the latest recruitment technologies. Like noting down the whole recruitment data into a spreadsheet has now been a past. The modern HR teams and the recruiters are leveraging the updated technologies to automate, shortlist and make any decisions regarding the hiring process. For example, artificial intelligence technologies are getting leveraged vastly for resume screening, interview scheduling, and hiring decision-making purposes. Also, the virtual reality technology is being used to make virtual interviews with far away candidates, as well as to take a virtual tour to the workplace to get a better idea about the work environment. Being a tech-savvy recruiter can also provide you some competitive advantages in the recruitment competition. And that will not only make your company stay out of that huge competition, but also make you a successful recruiter.

You should collaborate with more employees in the recruitment process.

The successful recruiters could not be the successful ones if they worked alone. Like this, you should engage other employees at your recruitment process, and try this collaborative hiring. You can delegate each of your members with each of your recruitment tasks. As well as you can value your employee referrals like your employees are the greatest magnet to attract other talents for your company. Also, you should use the social media power of your employees by social media recruitment, thus you can also make your employer branding stronger and yourself as a successful recruiter.

You should utilize the analytics of your previous recruitments.

Using the analytics and merits of your previous recruitments, you can make a list of candidate sourcing platforms, like from where you got the maximum job application. Also, you can check the strategies which make the maximum of your recruitments successful. So you should consider the time, cost and resources for the one, which will be the best for your future recruitment. And you can understand how much more productive and successful have you been as a recruiter than your previous recruitment times. Using data-driven recruitment not only makes you a successful recruiter but also saves your cost and time for the entire hiring process.

You should make yourself more creative.

Success lies beneath the creativity. The more creative you can be, the chances of more success you will get. So, for being a successful recruiter you should make yourself as creative as possible to seek the attention of the candidates. For example, you should invest more in the innovative recruitment strategies that easily attract the talent pool towards your company. Make creative job boards with your job description, that get the attention of the maximum candidates. Use things that can easily motivate your candidates. Make your employer brand more attractive and put all the basic requirements and expectations of your candidates to get the maximum attention from them. Do recruitment marketing, you will definitely get the talent pool, you have looked for. Make attractive and informative content that can help you in inbound recruitment, which will make the candidates feel that they want to make you their next employer. Optimize the career page on your website with the pictures and reviews of your employees. The more creative you will be, the more attention you will get, and the more successful you will be as a recruiter.

The above passages show you the top things to be a successful recruiter along with the characteristics you should possess. At the end of the day, a successful recruiter will be a person who has mastered almost all the skills, regarding this hiring process. Also, at the end of the day, no one will watch you whether you are with a curious or quiet personality, everybody will look into the work you have done for your company and the whole recruitment process you have done. A good recruiter is a person who can attract more candidates to their company. A great recruiter is a person who is better in any process regarding recruitment and a successful recruiter is a person who is best in the job roles and can ensure the company with the talent pool.

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