How to identify really interested tech talents?

Interest is one of the most important things in any field of work. An interested person always has an advantage over the other person who might have the knowledge and talent but lack in interest. On any given day an interested less knowledgeable candidate is preferable than an uninterested highly talented candidate. As an interested candidate, he/ she will grow day by day but the uninterested candidate will not grow from his previous state as there will be no eagerness from him to know the things in detail.

Recruiting tech talents is itself a hard job for any recruiter, and hiring really interested tech candidates who are not only talented but also dedicated to their job role is really a hard nut to crack. In this article, we will focus to help the recruiters to hire some really interested candidates in their arsenal. There are some points a recruiter should notice while hiring tech talents who are really interested to work in a particular company.

Having the proper knowledge of the company

Recruitees have to interview a lot of people so it is quite hard for them to find the right person from them. They must look for the candidates who have the proper knowledge of the respective company as this will show the real interest of the candidate to work for the company.

Deep knowledge about the post applying for 

The candidates coming for the interview should have deep knowledge about the post he is applying for as he will have a very clear idea about his job role and one person who has deep knowledge about the job role generally has a keen interest in it. As being part of the technical team, one must have thorough knowledge about the post and the task he is going to perform.

Candidates should know why they are suitable for the role

 Candidates should have a very clear idea about his own ability and why he is the best suitable candidate for the post he is applying for. The candidate who knows about his ability will prepare himself accordingly to make him best for the job as he interested in the job role.

Questions Candidates are asking during the interview

Candidates will obviously ask some questions during the interview to clear his doubts about the job, but the interviewer should notice the pattern of the questions if the questions are generic like about salary, holidays, week offs then the candidate may or may not be interested in the job role, but if the candidate is asking questions related to the role he needs to perform then it is for sure that he is really interested in his job role.

Interested in his own growth 

The candidate who is interested in his own growth through continues learning will obviously grow himself with time which will ultimately serve the cause of the company as to update himself with modern technology is the primary concern for a technical person. This thing a recruiter can identify at the time of interview itself by asking some simple questions about the company and job role to find if the candidate has gone through the company website or not and how much he has learned about company and job role before coming for the interview.

A Gut feeling of the recruiter   

A really interested candidate will show some behavioral things that will give the recruiter the feeling that the candidate is really interested in working with the respective company. The recruiter should notice if the candidate is paying attention to him or not. If the candidate is paying attention to the recruiter and is eager to know about his job role then he is really interested to work in this company.

Closing of the interview

During the closing of the interview, the candidate who is really eager to work in the respective company will also be eager to hear from that company after the interview is done. From this sense of eagerness, he will ask the interviewer that when he can expect to hear back from the recruiter, this shows the interest of the candidate to work with the respective company.

The above points will help the recruiter to find the really interested candidates for the particular job role, but the thing is that it is not easy to show your real interest during the long interview process of any IT company as candidates generally feel drained while going through the long and complicated interview process, so it is up to the recruiter to find the real interested candidates from the mass.       

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