How To Overcome Lockdown in Recruitment and Retention

After the pandemic hit and countries went into lockdowns, businesses all over the world took a huge blow. Companies had to shut down and were forced to lay off some employees. As the world started to move again and businesses tried to get back on their feet, recruitment processes were the first thing they looked forward to; especially for the posts that were left vacant. 

Even as the second wave of the pandemic hits the world, the hiring process won’t be impacted as people have now learned how to tackle the problem. With work from home as the worldwide trend now, companies can be at ease about functioning even during the lockdown. 

The question that now arises is — How? How can a company hire new employees during the lockdown and most importantly how can they retain their existing employees? Or how the company does not let the lockdown impact their hiring process and retention of existing employees. 

Recruiting Remotely During The Lockdown

Recruiting remotely is the best way to hire talents for one’s business especially during this lockdown. Companies now more than ever are adapting to the process of recruiting candidates virtually. 

Technology – the best solution to digitize the hiring process. Various technology tools (like Recruiting Software, TALVIEW, Jobpal, etc) have now been enhanced and made available so to especially assist in the hiring process. Through such technologies, it is easier to not only pool talent from around the globe but also handling and streamlining the huge amounts of applications; and other such recruiting tasks.

For the interview process, there is software like ZOOM and MICROSOFT TEAMS  where the employer and employee can interact face to face.  Here the two parties can meet virtually and there is no question of geographical barrier or such. 

Work From Home For Employees

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the way people work has changed all over the world. When traveling is mostly prohibited during the lockdown, it is impossible for employees to work from their regular workplace. Many have lost their jobs or been laid off. It was also partly due to the fact that the employers weren’t prepared for such a crisis.

Now that work from home is the new norm, big companies like Twitter, have issued work from home for their employees. This not only helps the company flow but also helps it retain employees. This not only ensures the safety and well-being of the employees but also allows them to maintain a work-life balance. Studies also suggest that when working in a home environment employees tend to perform well. Which is an added benefit to the employer. 

Also, work culture is equally important when working from home. Every worker wants to be a part of a company that is concerned about their well-being. The leaders should communicate with their employees, give them the benefits they need and be ready to help them in case of crisis. This allows them to focus on their work better, instead of worrying about such situations.

Flexibility and a balanced workload play an important role in employee retention. Even when working from home employees should be able to work to a certain working hour. Just because they are working from the comfort of their home doesn’t mean they have to work around the clock. They should also be allowed a weekly off. 

On the workload font, it should be allocated accordingly so as not to put pressure on a particular employee. This drains the worker both mentally and physically. They tend to lose focus and interest and this in turn also impacts the quality of the work. There are many instances where employees eventually leave as they are not able to handle all the work pressure.

Thus we can see that even if the world faces another lockdown, it won’t stop and continue to move forward. Now that the businesses have found a way around these tough times, they will be able to survive these tough times.

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