The 4 Best Technical Screening Tools

Companies and candidates alike have benefited from technical skill assessments, and you don’t have to take our word for it. Technical skill tests can be a recruiter’s best friend if they are properly designed. A poorly designed skills test will fail to evaluate candidates, and you may end up hiring someone who is unsuitable for the position. This is why using the right technical screening tool is critical – we’ll look at the best ones in this article.

A technical skills screening tool is software that includes a large library of technical assessment tests, as well as questions and answers, to help recruiters screen and evaluate candidates.

The best skills screening tools enable recruiters to create custom tests, allowing you to create an assessment to evaluate a specific skill set required for a specific role. Skill assessments can be conducted either before or during the interview, depending on whether they are used as a pre-screening tool or as a means of evaluating candidates during the hiring process.

The 4 best technical screening tools

#1 Codility

Codility is a robust tech screening solution and remote hiring tool designed specifically for engineering teams. Since 2009, the recruitment platform has provided employers with powerful screening and interviewing tools.

Codility has a broad knowledge base and skill tests for a variety of roles; you can use it to assess potential candidates for frontend and backend developer positions, data science, language skills, and more. One disadvantage of using this tool is that it lacks AI-powered video and web proctoring features, which could lead to cheating.

#2 CodeSignal

CodeSignal is a popular technical screening tool for tech recruiters that includes a decent question bank, web proctoring, on-demand custom questions, and even video interviews.

CodeSignal is a relatively new recruitment platform, having launched in 2015, but it has quickly established itself. The software assists recruiters in creating custom tests for a wide range of programming languages and developer skills.

Some candidates have expressed concern about CodeSignal’s current questions, claiming that they are verbose and difficult to understand. Overall, however, CodeSignal is a dependable tool. It has aided many tech companies in transitioning from resume-based evaluation to the more reliable realm of coding skill tests.

#3 HackerEarth

HackerEarth has the makings of a good technical screening tool: it has a good question bank (over 15000 questions), tests for all relevant skills, and features like video interviews that some of its competitors don’t have. However, it lacks the whiteboarding features that WeCP provides.

HackerEarth, like HackerRank, was founded in 2012 and has since served over a thousand clients. Because of reliable coding assessments and an integrated scoring system, the platform supports proctoring and assists recruiters in screening and shortlisting top-performing candidates.

#4 Xobin

Xobin has created one of the most trusted pre-hire screening tests and psychometric tests in functions such as Technology, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, and Operations. Over 600+ growth-stage companies use their software to screen, shortlist, and interview qualified applicants.

Xobin began in 2016 as a small group of specialists united by a common goal: to make pre-employment screening a more efficient process for both recruiters and candidates. Six years later, it is still the most important guiding principle on which it is based.

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