155 Years of Freedom from Slavery: Juneteenth

The torture on the black people by the white people is the part we read in History. We know how the black people were treated as a slave of a white person in the US. We also know about the protest against the brutality of slavery. We celebrate the day as well, but are the black people really free?

Aren’t the recent protests for the brutal murder of George Floyd by the  US police reminding us of the protest against US slavery in the year of 1865? Yes, Juneteenth, that day when finally the African-American people of Galveston, Texas were announced to be free form slavery. That day was June 19th, which we still now celebrate as the commemoration of the ending of Slavery in the US. To enlighten this fact, let’s go through the general facts about Juneteenth.

About Juneteenth: What is this?


After the two months of the Civil war, the Confederate, Gen. Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox, Va., Union Gen, and Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston, Texas, to inform enslaved African-Americans of their freedom and announced that the Civil War had ended. The day was the 19th day of June, which we call Juneteenth. In the present time, people of the US celebrate this day as “Juneteenth Independence Day”, “Freedom Day” and “Emancipation Day”.

The day Juneteenth is celebrated by bringing the whole family together and praying for them, some of the people who are descendent of the men and women who have enslaved make an annual pilgrimage with their memories at Galveston. The integral element of this event is food, which is the main attraction. Normally it is celebrated like this, but in Atlanta and Washington, the day is celebrated with a large event, like a marching parade with festivals with residents, local businesses, and more. It is celebrated in the Galveston as well, as it is the place where everything happened, and for this, the city remains busier from the start of the month of June. People celebrate this event from the start of June, along with parades, barbecues, musical performances, and a beauty contest. All total, almost 10000 people gather in this event every year. But this year, the event will be more special, as the brutality of the white people over the black people again raised the question if they are really free form the word slavery!

All lives matter…


Last but not the latest, it is obvious that racism is the past, the world has changed now. We all work together, live together. All lives matter, either it is Black or white or brown. Don’t let your skin tone decide your ability or efficiency. We are all human, and we are all equal. Prove that you have equal rights and the ability to work with the people of other skin tones by joining our movement. We have organized a movement on the occasion of Juneteenth tomorrow and we are cordially inviting you to join our movement. Join our movement and show the world that all lives matter. Let us know your thought and interest in our movement. To be a part of our movement please click http://allaboardthedur.net/join and make this movement successful. We strongly wish for your presence in the movement.

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