A brief on Recruitment Marketing

Before we choose a candidate, the candidate chooses the company. They apply first, which has always been the basis of the recruitment process. It is the base but not the first stage. As the first stage is to we heading to the market to put up the announcement that we are hiring to look for people to fill in the vacant positions. So, spreading this awareness is one of the crucial parts of recruitment marketing. Don’t worry, I will come up with an accurate and proper definition of recruitment marketing.

Recruitment marketing, in its simplest terms, is a process where the human resource team puts effort into making a job seeker an applicant for your open vacancy. This process is done for both recruitment and talent acquisition.

In a more sophisticated definition, it is a set of tools and strategies that are used by the hiring team of a company to create a company brand for their organization, stating the benefits of joining them, and then putting them out to attract potential candidates and make them aware of the vacancy and hiring. 

Why is it important?

It is quite known to us all that today’s job market is candidate-driven instead of company-driven. There are many companies, giant, well-established and startups, that seek talent and potential candidates for their company. As a result, the candidates have a wide range of options at their disposal.

If you have Deloitte and a similar role in some XYZ company with the same pay scale, the candidate will definitely go for Deloitte because it is a brand but this brand has also taken time and effort to be or appear as a brand. This is one of the reasons why recruitment marketing is important as it helps to create the brand over time.

With that, let us know the different components of recruitment marketing software:

Brand building: As discussed in the above section. Recruitment marketing helps companies to build a brand in the job market by putting out the company’s culture, work ethics, benefits that the existing employees are already getting and future candidates are going to receive.

Awareness:  Creating an awareness of a job role is one important factor in the hiring process. Through recruitment marketing software, you can create and post appealing information about new openings on different platforms.

Talent acquisition: Identifying a potential match, keeping the potential leads on hand for personalised interaction, and convincing them to apply for the job and go through the interview process.

Analytics: A recruitment marketing software gives you a view of what is working and what is not working for you with your current strategy. So that you can reflect and deflect your plan of action.

What is Recruitment Marketing Software?

Recruitment marketing software is a platform that lets you conduct recruitment marketing processes to attract appropriate candidates to apply for your vacancy. 

It gives you a solution for:

Social media job promotion, employee referral programs, one-click job posting on different sites, talent networking, email recruiting campaigns, setting up application forms, giving you analytics, and a lot more to find, attract and engage with the potential lead to make them interested and apply for your job role.

Some of the recruitment marketing software that you can start with are:

Linkedin Recruitment Marketing, Lever, Paycor, Jobvite, Zoho Recruit and many more to get started with.

That was all for today’s topic. Thank you for your time. I hope you liked the article. If so, please do share it with your team.


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