Make Your Employer Branding Stronger with These Simple Steps

When a candidate searches for a job whether on any search engine such as Google, or any job portals they first search for the reviews of a company, that may be written by the existing employees or others. So, for being the top searched company in the search results, you need to make a strong employer brand which will help you to get easy access to the candidates for your vacant job roles. Having good and strong employer branding ensures that the candidates will be more interested to apply on your job portals and stay in touch with your HR teams and positively accept the job offers. Research also shows that approximately 95% of the candidates accept the job offers on the basis of employer branding of a recruiting company.

Why do you need this employer branding?


The employer branding makes the way you promote your company to the candidates as well to your existing employees. So the more you focus on your employer branding, the more you are attracting top talents to your company. Your employer brand is the image that comes to anyone’s mind when they look into your company’s brand or hear your brand’s name.

As a recruiter, you want to attract top talents who will be the best fit for your desired job roles, and also be a cultural fit for your workplace. But, the problem is that your opponent recruiting companies have similar requirements and also they possess facilities that similarly you provide. In this situation, having a strong employer brand value or a good brand reputation, make you easily beat the opponent recruiting companies and easily attract the candidates for your desired job roles.

For making a good and stronger employer branding you need to follow some steps and make a good employer branding strategy. Now you may have the question that, what is the employer branding strategy and why do you need this. The employer branding strategy is the way you shape your employer brand and give this a good image of your work culture and work patterns so that any person outside of your company easily gets the ideas about your brand reputation, thus you make a good position in the recruitment market.

Make your employer branding stronger with these simple steps:


Building a strong employer brand is a tough job, and also it requires help from almost every one of the company. Having a strong employer brand can make you stay out of the recruitment competition. For making a stronger employer brand follow these below mentioned steps or strategies:

1. Focus on your company’s vision, mission, and roles:

Being the hiring manager or the recruiter of a company, you know everything about the workplace and the working teams you are working with. But it is always good to go through ones before making assured. Focus on the vision of your company like focusing on the way your company thinks and works, the work patterns of your employees, the mission of your company like the way your company is making the growth, and the roles of the employees in the company. If you are assured about this, then you can be able to make a good and strong employer brand that will attract talents for your company. Learn the basic business requirements of your company, take the help of your existing employees, and then make the brand according to that requirement, so that the candidates get to know about everything about your company. Make a more diversified workplace by recruiting candidates irrespective of age, gender, and race. It also makes a strong impact on your employer brand.

2. Make a Flexible Culture in your Workplace:

This is the age where candidates from both the millennials and generation Z are looking for jobs online or offline and for this reason, you have to make the culture of your workplace flexible. Set flexible working hours as well as the flexible shifts so that the candidates would love to apply in your workplace. Put flexible rules and regulations for the employees, so they can make a good balance between their professional and personal lives. Also, you can organize some events in your workplace like some sports or the gatherings so that you get to know your employees more closely and learn about their needs and requirements. Work is the main part of every workplace, but put some fun parts in your workplace too. So that the employees can take some break and be refreshed. In the end, the existing employees are the ones who hold your employer brand.

3. Value your Employees:

It is your existing employees who ultimately hold the flag of your employer brand. So first value your employees and their contributions to your company. For example, take consideration of the employee referrals, and also the employee’s hard work. You can include certain awards for the employees like the “Employee of the Year”, or you can make a promotion for the hard-working employees. So that they can feel the value of themselves in your company and write a good review about the company about their work experience in your workplace. It helps you to make a good and stronger employer branding. Also, take feedback from your employees before making any decision about your workplace or even the hiring decisions. Offer some learning and training programs for your employees to grow in your workplace to help your company to reach the goals. When you will give value to your employees, they will also give good reviews about you and refer your companies to their known contacts. Thus you can make a good employer branding.

4. Be active on Social Media:

Besides giving importance to your workplace and your workforce you should concentrate on your social media activities too. Like you should post some good posts with good content associated with your work culture. That also can attract more talents from social media, as social media is nowadays a good source for candidates and job searching. By doing regular posts on your social media accounts and being active on them, make your company more popular and build a good reputation for your employer brand.

5. Put Visuals on your Job Description:

Visuals are the great items to catch someone’s eyes towards your posts. If you put videos with great content on your job portals, it can make your job description more eye-catching. Along with this, you can post pictures of your happy employees. This will make the candidates think of how fun-loving and relaxing work culture your company holds. You can even make some blog posts on your website by using some good content that is related to your work culture. So that the candidates get to know more about your company and make them apply to your company by themselves.

The above passages show you the steps through which you can make a good and strong employer brand that can help you to step out of the recruitment competition and easily attract the top talents for your vacant job roles. It will also help you to retain your existing employees in your company. And thus you will never feel the shortage of talents.

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