Mistakes Managers Make While Hiring

It has been observed that managers make four mistakes that result in the hiring of employees they wish they had never hired. This article will assist you in avoiding these four blunders. 

The first reason is that the applicant is charming.

Managers are captivated by applicants who appear charming. Such applicants are friendly, smile at you, look you in the eyes, compliment you, and exhibit qualities to impress you.

The issue is that managers who hire bad employees are often swayed by applicants’ charm. Resist the temptation, and don’t be swept away by a smooth candidate who charms you.

The second reason is that the applicant appears to have relevant work experience.

Many managers are swayed by applicants whose work experience appears to be relevant.

But, just because an applicant has relevant experience in one organization does not guarantee that person will perform well for you. What it takes to succeed in one organization – or for one manager – is never the same as what it takes to succeed in your company or while working for you.

So, don’t fall in love with an applicant simply because they have semi-relevant work experience.

The third reason is that the manager is in a hurry to hire someone.

Some managers have a terrible desire to hire someone immediately. That means they have an open position and are under pressure to fill it as soon as possible.

That is a sure-fire recipe for disaster.

Of course, there are times when you have an open position that needs to be filled quickly. However, hiring in such a desperate manner frequently results in hiring people you later regret hiring.

Remember that every time you hire someone, you are placing a bet. You’re putting your career and company on the line. If you kept on hiring bad employees, you will harm your career and may even be fired. Furthermore, if you hire a large number of underachievers, you will harm your company’s productivity and profits.

The fourth reason is that the manager is too lazy to find more applicants.

Managers who hire bad employees are frequently lazy and will hire almost anyone to avoid spending time searching for more and better candidates. Such managers have a “To-Do List” with, say, ten action items to complete. Unfortunately, finding better candidates is not one of their ten action items.


Here are some ideas to help you find the best candidates.

Make use of pre-employment tests. Pre-employment tests that have been thoroughly researched and can be custom-tailored for specific jobs in your company provide you with an objective, scientific evaluation of each job applicant.

Applicants can be evaluated using one of three pre-employment tests. First, a personality test predicts an applicant’s interpersonal skills, personality, and motivations – and an applicant who acts charming will not sway the test.

Second, cognitive ability tests assess up to five key brainpower factors – and are never influenced by an applicant who appears to have relevant work experience. 

Third, a dependability test can reveal an applicant’s work ethic, safety, and whether or not the applicant is a drug or alcohol abuser.

Importantly, custom-tailored pre-employment tests for specific jobs in your company give you the huge advantage of being able to determine if the applicant possesses the most important qualities required to succeed in your organization.

I hope this article will help you to hire great candidates. If you need any hiring help kindly get in touch with us. Please leave a comment and do share it. 

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