10 things to do right in your LinkedIn Profile Part 2

In the second and final part of this article series, I’d like to give 5 additional recommendations for optimising your LinkedIn account, which is critical for showing your talents, successes, projects, and, in a nutshell, your complete professional career.

In part 1 of this article series, we discussed 5 things you can do right on your LinkedIn profile. If you haven’t already, please go read it on Syarose’s blog.

Now, coming to the second part. Without any further delays, let us get started.

My five recommendations are stated as follows:

1. Skills


LinkedIn is a great place to keep your skills up to date. Accounts that have more than 5 skills updated are 27 times more likely to be found by searchers. The searchers could be anyone, such as a recruiter or someone looking to hire freelancers through LinkedIn.

If you are skilled at Graphic Designing, Web Designing, Content Writing, Social Media Marketing, Microsoft Excel, etc, update them all. LinkedIn is a space where you can flex these skills and get benefits. Tell them what you know or what you excel at.

2. Recommendations


LinkedIn provides an area for you to ask people who have worked with you for recommendations on your profile.

The majority of people are unaware of this feature. Therefore most LinkedIn users do not have recommendations updated on their profiles.  

The steps to requesting recommendations are as follows:

> Navigate to Add section and click on it (you will find it just below where your number of connections is shown)

> It will then display a list of features. The recommendations feature is located at the bottom of the list in the Additional Information section.

> Keep in mind that you will be able to request recommendations to a LinkedIn connection. Type the name of the person, then hit Next.

Then they will ask you few more questions, answer them on the go, and you will be on your way to getting your first recommendation.


PS. Do not forget to recommend others when requested at your turn.


3. Featured feature


LinkedIn has this amazing feature called Featured. You can use this feature to pin your posts, articles, media, or links to your profile. LinkedIn has placed this featured section above the summary section to highlight what you want to show.

Use this feature to display anything in front of your profile visitors, such as a certificate, a post you posted, an article you wrote, or a project you worked on. Any external link is also permitted.

Here you will find complete information about the file format, media criteria, and so forth.

You will find this feature inside the Add Section button.


4. Connection


You’d be advised not to send connection requests to persons you’ve never met before. I respectfully disagree with the advice.

LinkedIn is a platform with a user base of more than 756 million users in 200 plus countries and territories. 

I believe it is beneficial to be linked with people you know personally or have met with, but it is also important to be connected with people whose journey inspires you, with whom you want to work, and who are pioneers in your particular sector, even if they are strangers to you.

You can send them connection requests as long as you are not pestering them on LinkedIn.

A tip on sending connection requests to strangers is to send them a warm message about why you want to connect with them.

People who have more connections are more likely to be found in searches.


5. Engagement


The fifth and last tip is to interact with people on LinkedIn. Share your thoughts on their articles and postings. When engaging, try to be as sincere as possible.

But don’t just leave a comment. LinkedIn’s algorithms will reward individuals who post regularly over those who do not post at all. You do not have to start posting every day. In the beginning. For starters, pick a day or two, pick a time, and share your posts on those days on a regular basis.

You would see results not immediately, but you would get to see results after some time.

Additional Tip – Make use of the cover photo section. Why is it still blank? Set up a nice cover picture with the theme that describes you the most and make your profile stand out. Remember, there are so many people who have not utilized this section. Don’t be one of them; stand out.



I would now conclude this article with the hope that you will find this article series on 10 things to do right in your LinkedIn Profile helpful.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this blog. I’m looking forward to seeing your LinkedIn profile enhanced. If you use the tips in this article to optimise your profile, please share your LinkedIn account in the comments section so that we can see how well your profile appears.

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